Xiaomi MI Note 2 VS Smartisan M1 Review, Which one is Better?


October is a big month for different kinds of Chinese smartphone manufactures, this month Xiaomi mi note 2 and Smartisan M1 both have been released which both are the most discussed smartphones by users. So which one is better? Today we will compare Xiaomi mi note 2 and Smartisan M1.

Let’s compare their hardware to see difference.


According to specs, Smartisan M1 has no big difference from Xiaomi mi note 2, They both have been powered by the same CPU, and back camera sensor, and network frequency. The main difference between them is the screen size, battery capacity, OS, features, etc.

Right now Smartisan M1 only has one version, but Xiaomi mi note 2 has three versions, considered Xiaomi MI Note standard version similar to Smartisan M1 in price and specs. So today we compare Smartisan M1 RAM 4GB ROM 32GB and Xiaomi MI Note 2 RAM 4GB ROM 64GB.


Smartisan M1 adopts similar design of Iphone.But Xiaomi MI Note 2 looks similar to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Both are different much in design.

Smartisan M1 adopts 5.15inch screen with 2.5D curved glass and narrow frame, there is a round home button under the screen to support fingerprint scanner which looks very like iPhone.


Smartisan M1 Front Design

XIAOMI Mi Note 2 comes with 3D curved screen, similar to S7 edge which is the second curved screen smartphone after Vivo Xplay 5, and there is a semi-round Home button to support fingerprint scanner on the home button under the screen.


Xiaomi MI Note 2 Front Design

Back Design

In the back, Smartisan M1 back cover has two materials, the white version uses aluminum alloy frame and high gross plastic back cover, and golden version uses mirror stainless steel frame  and leather back cover, the leather version is better.


Smartisan M1 Back Design

Xiaomi MI Note 2 back uses 3D glass design, metal frame, the frame shows very smoothly with nice visual effect.


Xiaomi MI Note 2 Back Design

In terms of design, Smartisan M1 and Xiaomi mi note 2 have their own features, Smartisan M1 highlight is in Home button, leather back cover, etc, Xiaomi mi note 2 design is famous for dual curved screen. In conclusion, Xiaomi MI Note 2 shows much higher level, anyway, it is up to your own idea about their design.

Performance, Camera and OS 

As for performance, Smartisan M1 and Xiaomi mi note 2 are both powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB, both have similar Antutu scores, 150,000 points which belongs to android flagship level to meet users’ needs including large games.


Smartisan M1 Antutu


Xiaomi MI Note 2 Antutu

As for camera, Smartisan M1 and Xiaomi MI Note 2 both use 23MP Sony IMX318 sensor, so in the real experience, they have similar performance in camera.


Smartisan M1 Camera


Smartisan M1 Camera Sample


Smartisan M1 Camera Sample


Xiaomi mi note 2 camera sample


Xiaomi MI Note 2 Camera Sample

In OS, Smartisan M1 and Xiaomi MI Note 2 are built in their own OS, Smartisan M1 runs Smartisan OS 3.1 based on Android6.0 OS to add and optimize 153+65 items to bring Big Bang, One Step, Luo YongHao navigation and other new features to prove its own features.


Xiaomi MI Note 2 runs MIUI 8 OS based on Android6.0 OS to show rich themes and perfect functions. Its OS is one of the most popular OS in China.


Xiaomi MI Note 2 MIUI 8 OS

According to OS comparison, Smartisan 3.1 and MIUI 8 OS have nice experience with their own features.


As for other specs, Smartisan M1 uses 5.15inch 1080P screen which has single holding advantage, but Xiaomi mi note 2 comes with 5.7inch 1080P dual curve screen with more visual effect. According to screen, dual curved screen has more nice features.

In terms of network, Smartisan M1 and Xiaomi mi note 2 both supports dual SIM dual standby network.

In battery, Smartisan M1 has small size with 3050mAh battery, Xiaomi mi note 2 with 5.7inch is built in 4070mAh battery. So in terms of battery test, both can support about 2 days for daily use, and QC3.0 quick charge. Therefore, they have no big difference in battery.

With regard to their price, Smartisan M1 sells at 2499 yuan, which is cheaper than Xiaomi mi note 2 at 2,799 yuan, so Smartisan M1 has price advantage. Therefore, if you like dual curved screen, MI Note 2 will be the first choice, if you are more into leather back cover and cheaper price, how about Smartisan M1?

Compare the price from the following stores:

Xiaomi mi note 2 RAM 4GB ROM 64GB  at $509.99.  Xiaomi Mi Note 2 RAM 6GB ROM 128GB at  $597.99     Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Global Version at $629.99

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 RAM 4GB ROM 64GB at $649.99, RAM 6GB ROM 128GB at $659.99  Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Global Version at $679.99

XIAOMI MI NOTE 2 4GB RAM 64GB ROM  at €459.99     XIAOMI MI NOTE 2 6GB RAM 128GB ROM at €489.99
Smartisan M1 at €409.99


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