5 Gaming Trends To Watch For in 2020


Research reveals that approximately 70 percent of American adults play video games, and unsurprisingly more people are selecting online gaming with their mobile devices as their preferred method. Here’s what you can expect in online gaming in 2020.

More VR and AR Gaming Options

Have you been on the fence about buying a virtual reality (VR) headset? Were you a hardcore fan of the augmented reality (AR) favorite, Pokémon Go? While both AR and VR have ebbed and flowed in the gaming industry, 2020 looks to be a promising year for both.

Not only will more VR headsets be priced more affordably, but there will be more gaming options for virtual reality, including online casinos getting on board and offering a virtual experience.

While the selection of AR games may seem a little limited, or at least not as popular as Pokémon Go, we’re likely to see more games available in 2020. Rumor has it that 2020 will also bring the highly-anticipated AR glasses by Apple. According to reports, the AR glasses will have holographic displays in their lenses and become a “must” have accessory for everyday use, including mobile gaming.
Variety with Cross-Platform Gaming

For years, mobile/online gamers and console/PC gamers have been limited in the games they play. While there are many games that are exclusively for one type of gaming, more types of games and specific titles are expanding and becoming available on various platforms.

Cross-platforming makes it easier for PC or console gamers to continue their game play while on-the-go. Regardless of what type of gamer you are, more cross-platform opportunities is a win-win for everyone.
More High-Quality Games From Less-Known Gaming Companies

Every gamer loves options, right? If you’re tired of waiting for some of your favorite developers like Rockstar to release a new game, 2020 might be the year to check out smaller, independent developers.

While you should always read reviews and do some careful research before purchasing or playing a game from a developer that you’re not familiar with, we’re likely to see a larger array of high-quality and legit games from lesser-known companies.

Improved Features at Online Casinos

Online gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry and online casinos have improved drastically in the last decade. As online casinos continue to be a popular pick among online gamers, many casinos are offering improved features every year.

Not only can we expect to see improved graphics that are more realistic, and even some online casinos offering a VR experience, we will also notice more casinos like Miami Club Casino accepting cryptocurrency, which allows players to enjoy online casino games more securely and anonymously.

More Handheld Gaming Options

For gamers who prefer console games over gaming on their smartphones, handheld gaming options like Nintendo Switch are popular. In 2020, we can expect more manufacturers and gaming developers offering their own handheld gaming device.

2020 is expected to bring a lot of exciting things to the gaming industry, keep an eye out for more trends to develop as the new year rolls in.


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