5 Simple Steps to Supercharge your Website Loading Speed


You can’t deny from the fact that the website speed is the first impression that you ever make on your audience. Your users expect speed and want the page to load within a glimpse of their click. This is why in order to enhance user-experience you need to boost your website’s speed and reduce the buffering time that your visitors face. If you have made up your mind to supercharge the speed of your website then here are some tips to tweak your website for loading fast on any device. Have a look at some of these!

  1. Choose the ideal host

Hosting with a reliable and professional configuration can be a life saver when it comes to boosting the speed of your website. In addition leverage the browser caching, enable, gzip compression and keep-alive, use a content delivery network and make the overall landing page redirects cacheable for a better speed. Chaiyohosting is one such remarkable hosting provides which helps you achieve your goals with no compromise on with latest tech features.

  1. Monitor and regulate Content elements

Having total access to server is an impractical thought process. As you won’t have a complete access to the server, content elements will be the only thing that can be useful to regulate the website speed on the surface. Reduce the number of DNS lookups and embrace server resources from a consistent URL. Try to minimize the redirects, reduce and eliminate query strings from the static resources, specify a character set and avoid bad requests that result in broken links.

  1. Reduce the Time to First Byte

The time to first bite or TTFB can be elementarily defined as the time of wait that every browser has to go through before obtaining the first byte of data from the server. If you reduce this time then initially the website will speed up before starting to load.

  1. Run a compression audit

Enable compression if you want your webpage to load faster without any setbacks. Without sacrificing the quality you need to keep the file size smaller. The smaller the files are the faster your website will load. The silver lining to this is that you can not only enhance your website speed through this process but you can also increase the download speed as well.

  1. Emphasize on minifying CSS and JS

If you want to dramatically increase your page speed then you can always start by optimizing your code. Remove the deliberately render-blocking java script and improve the overall server response time. Minimize the HTTP requests, incorporate asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files and defer JavaScript loading.

The bottom line

Having a website that loads with a considerably slower speed is a major disappointment for all those people who had put their trust in your product or service. The slower your website loads, the more people will be determined to leave your website and switch to a faster option. The website sped is the primary factor that determines how usable a website is. Go for speed boosting with chaiyohosting and you will see how your website is generating greater return on investment with each passing day.


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