Android 9.0 GO Lite And Less Than 500MB, Support 200+ Smartphones


According to the news, Google has not given up on the streamlined Android GO system, and now officially announced a new version of Android 9.0-based Android GO 9.0 Pie (GO edition), highlights in gesture operations, updated emoji, adaptive brightness, new multi-tasking switching and various UI interface improvements, but the biggest change is the reduction of system memory.

According to Google’s official website, the new version of Android Go system also adds features such as Dashboard for tracking and monitoring data consumption, which is consistent with the original Android 9.0 system, which means Android GO is the core function of Android 9.0. Customized to run more smoothly on the entry model.

The new version of Android 9.0 GO continues to streamline and slim down, and it can release 500MB of storage space compared to Android 8.0 Go. Even on a mobile phone with only 8GB of storage, the user can leave 5.5GB of free space after installation, including Google related application package.

Finally, Android 9.0 GO Lite cut off the call recording feature, and more intimate features have been cut. Crucially, Google offers two versions of the Android GO system and the Android 9.0 system, with the goal of expanding more entry-level markets, ultimately depending on which version of the vendor chooses for deep customization.

After the release of Android 9.0 Pie, Android Go will also be upgraded, ” Android 9 Pie (Go edition) ” can run more smoothly on the entry model, especially those that only have HD/VGA resolution screen, 4/ 8/16GB storage space. After the upgrade, the new version of Android Go will have a new look, especially to continue to streamline slimming, and release 500MB of storage space than Android 8.0 Go, even on a mobile phone with only 8GB storage, after the installation is completed, the user can be left 5.5GB Free space.

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In addition, Android 9.0 Go will also speed up the device startup, support top-level security features such as verification startup, and provide data traffic statistics. Pre-installed application suites are also all upgraded, such as Google Go can read the website, highlight each word, Maps Go supports navigation, Intel Go consumes less traffic, Files Go supports up to 490Mbps, P2P transmission without data consumption, etc. Wait.

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