Confused About Naming Your Business? Here Are Top 5 Website Name Generators to Help You Out


Starting a new business? One of the first tasks is to give it a good name. Here are a few ideas on how to name your business and the top 5 website name generator that can make the task easy.

Naming Your Business

Giving your business name isn’t so easy anymore. Most of the very good names are already in use. Your name is part of your branding, so you have to give it careful thought. Here are a few tips to start with:

  • Define your business – its products, its philosophy, its goals, its target customers
  • Think about the tone you want to convey – serious, conservative, casual, light-hearted, humorous
  • Think of a few main keywords for your business
  • For instance, selling lighting fixtures? Then some salient keywords would be light, illumination, lamps, radiance, glow, luster, lustrous, dazzle, etc. Now think of names that you can derive from these keywords
  • Not getting good enough names? Try making word combinations
    • You can link words for your business name like – facebook, AdWords, etc
    • You can create new words by combining more than one word like Groupon, a combination of the words group and coupon
    • You can try misspellings as a last resort, like Flickr. But they don’t always work, because people tend to type in the right spelling in the browser until your brand gets recognition
  • Once you’ve come up with a few ideas, think about how it matches your business philosophy. If your target audience tends to be sober and serious, a frivolous name will not work well
  • After going through all these steps, you will get a few names. Check if they’re already taken, by doing a trademark search. This will help avoid any legal issues later
  • Once you find a name that you like and can use, register your business name and also register it as a domain name

Oh, wait! Even if the business name is available, a matching website name may not be available. So you may have to go back to the drawing board to find a good name that you can register as a business name and a domain name.

Feeling ready to give up? Don’t throw in the towel yet, help is on hand – use online website name generators. 

Five of the Best Website Name Generators

  • Shopify

Shopify provides a quick and easy name generator tool.

Shopify business name generator

One big advantage with Shopify name generator is that it’s a combination of a business name and a website name generator. All the names it suggests are available to register with the .com extension. Getting the .com extension is a great idea if you’re aiming to build a brand over a long time. Most people associate your business name with the .com TLD when they don’t know your website URL. The .com is still the default website extension for most people. Securing it is a good way to ensure that your brand name isn’t hijacked by someone else taking this preferred extension for it.

You can then register the name and build your shop right on Shopify, as a one-stop solution. 

  • Namelix

Namelix uses AI to generate brandable names

You enter a keyword in this tool, specify your preferences in name length – short, medium, or long. You can also specify name style – brandable, multiple words, word combos, misspelled words, and so on. You can also choose domain name extensions you want with it, and limit the results to names that have the desired extension available for registration. It then generates unique names that you can register as a domain name.

Click on a name and you can also generate a logo for it. So, you get a business name, a domain name, and a logo with your purchase.

  • Novanym

Curated brandable names with logo and .com domain

Novanym has been built by branding experts who know how to create good names.

Enter your keywords, choose your business sector. Then select the name style, like corporate, traditional, technical, dynamic, etc. Click on generate names to get creative, professional, brandable names.

Click on the name you like and you can even select from three different logos or you can choose no logo. You can then buy that name with the .com domain, you also get your selected logo and the copyrights for that logo.

  • BrandRoot

Search a huge database of hand-picked names

This name generator lets you enter your keyword and select from a huge list of categories. You can also choose a name style or personality – fun, unique, modern, complex, etc. Then search for names. You get a list of names that have been tested for uniqueness, brand-ability, and mass appeal.

You also get an associated logo and the .com domain, which are all essential for a professional business setup. 

  • BrandBucket

BrandBucket is a business name and website name marketplace. You can browse their full list of available names, filter by a category, or you can search by keyword. If you enter a keyword and search, you will get a list of good names with .com domain available. You will also get a nifty logo for the business that suits the name that has been generated.

Save yourself time and effort by using an online name generator. The five website name generator tools mentioned above will all give you suggestions of brandable names which you can also register as a domain name with the .com extension.



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