Crazy time: A online casino game show


It is one of the best online casino game show builds upon the theme of the money wheel game. It gives you chance to add multipliers from the top slots of each game. The online software features of the game allow it to win different multipliers with 2 of the 4 Bonus games. The show is also a complete source of entertainment. Numerous advanced RNG gameplay. The show offers more chances than usual slot games. It offers you a single-player experience that rewards you with a 25,000x multiplier. Click to play crazy time now.

Various sites on the internet offer game shows. No doubt, as time went by, various updates occur in this online game show. The main part of the game is the money wheel. It is the top slot above the money wheel.

All action of this gameplay moves across the main game. The 4 Bonus game also took part in the process. The game is simple and easy to play. Players bet on the numbers of their choices and the bonus games. In this game show, players can not always win the same price.


The top slot spin together with the money wheel at round. You get one random multiplier with the best spot. Ou can use these multiplier bets in 2 Ways. You can bet on a number or, you can use a multiplier in the bonus game. It is also possible if the main slot stops with bet spots. You require to match the multiplier and bet spot in the top Slot.


In his bonus game, you face the 108 random multipliers all at once on the screen. The multiplier on the screen starts shuffles. These multipliers hide and cover with any symbol. It up to the player to choose the multiplier with a high value. The player shoots the fire and select its best multiplier.

Each player can choose its most suitable target. This bonus game gives you various chances to win multipliers.


The bonus games consist of a wheels game. When the game starts, the player presses the wheels to check his luck. There are various colours available for various bonuses. You get Flapper points that make your amount double or triple. The wheels can replay again and again which gives you more amount. At a certain point, 20,000x multiplier value comes. It is the maximum amount you can within this bonus game.

There are a lot of other sites that provide you bonuses for this crazy time game. Each platform develops the game according to its nature. You can read the policies and terms about the time crazy that unveil you about the rules of each bonus games.

No doubt, a high return cash rate attracts more players on a single site. The other terms that ensure you jackpots may raise your chances as a successful crazy time slot player.

I mention some sites that may help you to start your Crazy time slot journey now;


The website is best for new players that rewards them with special registration bonuses. It is one of the best UK slot game. It rewards you with £500 BONUS along with 200 BONUS SPINS special for Uk new players only. This offer is valid for first-time players.

Video Slots

Another slot site that has on the mission to give you all slots under one roof. This site produces endless categories about slot games. Let’s see their views about giving bonuses to their players. They have a special deposit offer of 100% UP TO £200 SIGN-UP Bonus.


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