Do This to Win: 7 Secrets for Winning Online Slots


Let’s be clear. Online slots are games of pure chance. When you play them, you could win or lose. But that’s alright. When playing these insanely addictive games, the objective should always be to win more times than you lose. Of course, that’s assuming you bet the same amount of money on each spin.

You can always increase or lower your wagers occasionally. But one of the best tips for making profits in slots is to bet consistently. Find more tips below, and maybe you might end your poor run of luck and start to win when playing slots.

Tip 1: Play High RTP Games

In casino jargon, RTP stands for a game’s return to player rate. It’s expressed as a percentage and shows how much of wagered money goes back to paying players in the long haul. An online slot with a 90% RTP will spend 90% of gambled money to pay winners while the remaining 10% will be kept as profits by casinos.

As someone who wants to win more times than he loses, find games with the highest RTP rates. You won’t always win, but you will have better odds of winning than someone who plays at a low RTP game.

Most online slots feature an RTP of 90%, which is decent. But some games payout as much as 99% of wagered money. Settle for games that payout 95% or higher and you will always have good odds for winning games.

Tip 2: Choose Top-Rated Games

At times, high RTP games don’t pay out frequently. We’ll explain about it later, but it has to do with whether a game pays out in small amounts, moderately or enormous amounts of money. Due to that, picking games based on their RTP rates alone can be misleading.

A better way to find games you will love is to find suggestions from review websites and forums. Fruity slots UK casino reviews, for instance, can guide on some of the most played online slots. You can then sort out the games based on their themes until you find a title you would love.

The best part of reading reviews is that they help you identify great slots without having to spend your time and money playing numerous games. They also help you avoid low paying games or those with frequent technical issues.

Tip 3: Bet on Games with Bonus Features

Bonus rounds are like wild cards which you can activate and redeem your game. A bonus feature can earn you free spins; help multiply your wins or earn you playing credits. Some games are exceedingly creative in how they reward you, which makes them fun and exciting to play.

However, review the bonus features carefully. Some games have bonus features that award you very few prizes. Worse, these bonuses could be challenging to come by, meaning you’ll seldom benefit from them.

The best way to know which games have the best bonus features is to read their reviews online. Not only will you save time, but you will also find recommendations for multiple games with great bonus rounds.

Tip 4: Play Low Variance Games

Some players bet on slots to win millions of dollars through jackpots. If that’s your goal, prepare to play numerous times and spend lots of cash before you hit the jackpot. That’s because jackpot games are high variance games. They are programmed to produce enormous amounts of money, albeit rarely.

By comparison, low volatility games include Starburst, ThunderStruck II, and Wild Scarabs. They are pretty famous games for obvious reasons. They payout frequently even if they give you small wins. You could play Starburst all day and win $15 after betting $10 in 100 spins. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s a profit.

Medium and high variance games, on the other hand, feature improved multipliers. They have more paylines and adjustable coin sizes to help you maximize your wins. Don’t expect to win frequently when you play these games, though. But on your lucky day, you could turn a $10 bet into $20, $50 or $1000.

Tip5: Bet on Different Games

The biggest disadvantage of playing slots is that you don’t know when you win. That means you could play your favourite game ten times and fail to win. But by betting on several games, you increase the odds of winning.

Many experienced slots players spread out their bets on three or more games every time they play. They then take turns playing each game until their predetermined budget runs out. Regardless of how much they win or lose in that game, they move over to a different slot.

The average online casino has 300+ slots anyway, so there’s no chance you’ll ever run out of games to play. Of course, you don’t want to play too many games. You have a budget to manage and must also stick to playing the best games.

Tip 6: Use Good Bonuses

Most online casinos give out bonuses to slots players. Don’t claim all rewards, though. Read the details of every offer and decide which awards can help you maximize your profits.

Avoid bonuses that force you to play low paying games. More importantly, shun slots bonuses with unreasonably strict wagering requirements. When you win playing with the rewards, you might be able to fulfil the requirements.

Tip 7: Play at the Best Casinos

Choosing a high RTP game is great, but playing a fair game is more important. How do you which games are fair and which ones are rigged? Play at the best-rated casinos. They are regulated by respected license providers. They offer games from well-known software providers and also welcome independent auditors to review their games for fairness.

Playing in a professionally managed casino also assures you will be able to withdraw your slots wins without frustrations. Most of them even give out frequent bonuses which should help you increase your profits.

To Conclude

When you play online slots, the goal is to make profits and to have fun. You can’t escape losses, but you can minimize them by using the tips shared above.


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