Does Your Child Have A Technology Addiction?


When anyone talks about addiction, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that there is such a significant number of individuals abusing drugs and alcohol. While these are surely addictions that need attention due to the many adverse effects that the disorder may have not only on the individual suffering from the issue but also those around them.

Addiction can present itself in other forms, too, however, which is something that a lot of people tend to overlook. Parents, in particular, need to look out for signs of addiction in their children from an early age. Promoting such behaviour in children and not taking appropriate action while they are young might put them at risk of more serious addictions later on.

Signs Of Technology Addiction In Children

Technology addiction in children can manifest in different ways. In the research paper, researchers found that an estimated 56% of children with diagnosed ADHD might be addicted to the internet. Definite internet addiction was noted in 2% of the children analyzed in the study. Normal children were also at risk, with a prevalence of 12% noted.
When looking at a child abuse essay, internet and technology addiction may often be listed as one of the complications that occur among these children. This, however, is no type of excuse – as the addiction can have adverse effects on the child’s well-being.
We take a look at some common signs that may be noted when a child develops an addiction to technology.

1. The Child May Seem “Stuck” In The World Of Technology

One of the first signs is an increase in the time spent with technology. This might be the child’s smartphone or perhaps a computer – take note that spending too much time in front of the television or gaming console is the same.

The child may also seem to become stuck in the world of technology that is around them. They may start to completely forget about the people who are around them and only be able to focus on the technology that is right in front of them.

2. There May Be A Reduction In Time Spent With Friends And Family

Even while a distance from socialization is often seen in child abuse essay examples, this might sometimes also be a sign of an addiction to technology in children. While a child abuse research paper will note that abused children tend to withdraw themselves from others, there are other potential causes as well – including technology addiction. When a child stops going out to play with their friends, and they seem to stop spending time with the family, this could be a sign of addiction.

When these signs are noted, it is important to note what the child is doing at times when they would usually be around the family or friends. If they prefer the use of technology instead, this may be a sign of technology addiction in the child.

3. Irritability When Not Able To Access Technology

When a child seems to become irritable when they do not have access to technology, parents should consider this another important sign that the child might have developed an addiction to the gadgets and technological devices in their lives.
The irritability may sometimes present itself as a child that gets angry quickly – especially at times when they are asked to leave the technology in order to do something else.

4. Performance At School May Start To Lack

A child that develops an addiction to the technology in their life may also start to do worse at school. This is often noticeable in a child who usually does well in school – suddenly, their grades start to drop.

The main reason for this is the fact that they would prefer to play games on their smartphone or perhaps browse the internet on a computer, as opposed to taking out their books and spending time to study. When the child does not study, they may start to fail at exams and even general tests that are performed. When given the assignment to do an essay or write a paper, for example, the child might prefer not to do the task at all – or rush it off so that they have more time to spend with their technology.


Technology addiction is a real problem that parents need to recognize. Failure to implement an appropriate strategy to assist with treating addiction to addiction among children at an early age can put them at risk of more serious problems in the future. We shared some of the most common signs noted in children with a technology addiction – when these signs are identified; parents do need to take action.


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