Download BitLife on PC Using This Android Emulator!


Loved playing The Sims? Well, it is time for you to play BitLife! With few shared features, BitLife rather deals with more adult themes with vast gameplay content. BitLife provides hours of fun as well as regularly updated tasks for players to fulfill if they decide to. While the so-called graphic component is missing as this is purely a text-based game, but the choices and possibilities it offers the players easily make it a good choice.

The Gameplay!

BitLife is a Life Simulator game in which you are born as a random character and then have the opportunity to make decisions as your virtual life unfolds. Your choices will affect your virtual life dramatically. Although there are no restrictions, children should play this game with caution because of certain adult themes.

That pretty much sums up the gameplay in short. Let us now have a look at some of the interesting features of the BitLife game.

#1. Your Character!

As a player, you are only allowed to choose one character at a time and live an eventful virtual life. Whether you choose to live your virtual life as a good person or bad depends on your choices. From work to home and family to friends, you will have to find a balance (only if you want to!). for example, your career and job will depend on the field you choose in the University.

#2. Track Character Status!

BitLife provides four bars that are visible at the bottom of the screen for you to track your character’s status. This includes happiness, health, smarts, and looks. The status will change throughout the game depending on what your character is facing. One more unique thing about this game is that if you can die at any point and its game over. Even if you are just a kid, you may die if you get caught in a freak accident.

#3. Get Ready for Curveballs!

As a BitLife character, you will start your virtual life as a school student where you will make friends, join after-school activities or even do a part-time job. The game is all about your choices but it will throw you curveballs when you least expect. While some of them can lead to a better life, depending on your choice you may even end up in jail.

#4. Become a Bitizen!

If you are really invested in your virtual life, then make a one-time payment to become a “Bitizen”. Becoming a Bitizen not only removes ads but also opens ups more slots for pets as well as unlimited generations.

While a lot of you might wonder, how to play BitLife on PC, there’s a useful emulator that quickly solves the issue.

How to Play BitLife on PC?

LeapDroid is one of the trusted Android emulators by gamers around the world. That said, you can play BitLife on a PC using this Android emulator. Let’s see the process for the same.

#1. Download the LeapDroid emulator and install it on your PC by following the on-screen instructions.

#2. Once installed, launch the emulator and sign in using your Google account to launch Google Play Store.

#3. Hit the search box by typing BitLife in it and install the game on your PC or laptop within the LeapDroid emulator.

#4. Upon installing BitLife on PC, launch the game from LeapDroid’s home screen to get started!

Well, that’s how easy it is to download and install BitLife on PC with the help of the LeapDroid Android emulator.

Wrapping It Up!

Think of BitLife as an alternate universe where you can indulge yourself in life choices that you otherwise wouldn’t make in real life. Plus, with a fame tracker, you can even choose to become a famous person like an actor or a singer. Chase your vivid dreams with this virtual life simulator!


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