E-WIN 2.0 Edition Review – RGB Gaming Desk at $399 From Ewinracing.com


Every time a person decides to enter the gaming world, they always want to have a gamer setup that is capable of emitting that happiness every time they have the possibility of spending hours playing video games. Stay away from the boring and get the industry’s most hyped gaming table with the RGB Gaming Desk. E-Win Racing has launched the E-WIN RGB gaming desk which provides an enormous quality in its materials so that every gamer can be happy in their gaming space.


This E-WIN 2.0 Edition gaming table has a very important feature, IT IS MADE OF CARBON FIBER if this is how you read it, the upper part of the table is entirely made of carbon fiber and in addition to this, it has RGB lights on the sides of the table so that you can combine the lights of the case of your PC as well as those of your peripherals. The spacious surface is up to 48 inches wide with a high-strength carbon fiber texture. And this surface is finely textured with thousands of high-intensity microscopic light reflection points, creating the perfect surface for next-generation gaming mouse tracking capabilities.

The E-WIN 2.0 Edition table is made from heavy-duty aluminum frame legs for maximum stability; and this ensures that your gaming rig remains secure on the ground. Having an ergonomic gaming desk is crucial for gaming for long periods of time. This gaming desk was designed to improve arm and wrist alignment; reducing injuries from hours of use of a keyboard and mouse. In what I have to this table, I have not had the need to use a mouse pad since being made of carbon fiber the mouse responds very well when making any movement.

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E-Win Racing has designed this table with RGB lights to make the gaming experience more exciting; when starting the action on the PC or console. One of the important things that this table has is that it is not only focused on PC gamers; also if you are one of those who have a console with a monitor on their table; you simply connect the USB cable to your PC or console; and start to see the combination of colors offered by the table. One of the points that I understand that the E-WIN 2.0 table must have is that we cannot play with colors; that is, it does not come with installation software like the vast majority of RGB peripherals to be able to match combinations with colors to our liking. Something that I really liked is the cup holder that it brings since; there will be no need to place any hot or cold drink; on the table since the cup holder does that job.

Assembling the table does not have much science; but we must pay close attention to all the information provided by the manual on how to assemble the table. When you already have it armed and place your PC or console on the table; you will be able to see the difference between before and after; you will notice that this table gives a perfect touch to your gaming space. The E-WIN 2.0 Edition table comes with a small panel that works touch; and has an enormous response when you touch any of the three buttons. Here you can change the colors that come by default with the table. I was very surprised with these buttons as the response time; to make a change is very fast and I really did not expect that.


This E-WIN 2.0 Edition Gaming Desk is one of those things that every gamer has always wanted to have, as I had mentioned at the beginning of the review, sometimes we focus on pieces and other things and we forget about a good table that makes the perfect combination with our gaming setup. If you are one of those like me, who likes to make a good investment; so as not to re-invest for a long time in the same; I recommend this table since the materials are of very good quality. Especially the main base of the table that is made of carbon fiber and is able to last for a long time all those hours of play giving another level to your play area.


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