Exam-Labs Presents: Main Reasons Why You Should Obtain IT Certification This Year


The IT certifications show your peers and potential employers that you are truly a qualified specialist and that you are very serious about your career. The certificate not only helps you get a good paying job but also helps you succeed in your career. Besides, it also assists you in adding stability to your lasting employment prospects.

More and more companies and organizations continue to prefer hiring the IT certified professionals because this helps them not only reduce the operational costs but also increase productivity due to better performance that the specialists with a certificate usually guarantee.

There is no better time than this year to enroll for an IT certification and continue learning so that you can grow your IT skills.

Why this year?

There are so many reasons why you should obtain an IT certification this year. You definitely know that you should be pursuing a credential but maybe you have been postponing your plans. Continuing to postpone your plans to get certified will only hurt your career growth and potential opportunities that you could have benefited from. Earning an IT certificate is very important not only for you but also for your career. This is why you should register for an IT certification course at Exam-Labs and become certified before the end of this year.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should earn an IT certification this year. It should top your list of the things to do!

  1. It is a stamp of excellence.

An IT certification is simply a stamp of excellence. It shows that you have studied the credential and passed the exams associated with it. Whether you pursue a career in IT security, Cloud, or networking and so on, the certificates tell your co-workers or peers and employer that you are actually qualified. The certifications offer proof to your potential employers that an IT professional has gone through the highest standard of training and has demonstrated the highest standard of knowledge in order to clear the certification exams and earn the credential.

The IT certified professionals are usually eligible for promotions. Without any certification, you should not expect any promotion this year. Register for an IT course that is relevant to your career at Exam-Labs.com today and work towards being a certified IT specialist.

Your IT certification speaks on your behalf. So, unless you have no business impressing your employers and you don’t care what your peers think of your achievements in your line of career, then you should not end this year without earning at least onecredential.

  1. It will help you get hired easily.

Are you just from college and you are looking for a good-paying job at a leading IT company or organization? Or are you an IT professional and have you not been able to secure a job of your dream for a long time? If your answer for any of these two questions is yes, then you need to obtain an IT certification as soon as you can. It is what will open doors of job opportunities for you locally, nationally, and internationally.

The employers and hiring managers at IT departments and organizations who are looking to hire the IT professionals prefer those individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills, certifications, and experience in there are of expertise. An IT certificate can be what will turn your next job interview into a real job. If you are certified, you will always have an edge against other students who have also applied for the same job position. So, race against time and make sure that you add an IT certification to your resume before the end of this year.

Based on the Certification Program Satisfaction Study that was conducted in 2017, Microsoft reported that a certification forms part of the recruitment strategy of 91% of hiring managers.

  1. It keeps you current.

One of the main benefits of obtaining an IT certification is that it keeps you current and updated with what is new in your field of expertise. When you register for an IT training at Exam-Labs, you will learn the current things in the technologies as well as regulations affecting your profession. You should always keep learning for you to have a knowledge base which makes you a valuable asset to your employer and company far into the future. Saying that you will push the idea of obtaining an IT certification to next year is never a good idea.

  1. It helps you earn more.

The IT certifications not only separate the job candidates who are starting out, but also show that you are very committed to your profession. They show that you are taking your career seriously and you are willing to invest your time, effort and money in your future. If you hold an IT credential, the employers and hiring managers will also be more willing and ready to invest in you. Since your recruiter will be seeing you as a valuable asset to the company, he/she will have no problem raising your salary. Actually, holding some IT certifications can usually increase your salary by more than 10%.

Everyone wants to earn more money. And I believe you too. Obtaining an IT certification is one of the best ways to increase your chances of earning more money. If you become certified, you will more likely get a promotion, which will most likely come with an increase in salary.


Of course, you definitely need an education or training that will prepare you adequately for your IT certification exams and your career. If that is true, then you should check out Exam-Labsto enroll for training and start your classes immediately.Atthis online platform, there are all types of IT certification courses being offered to the applicants. You should be able to find the course you are looking for.

Procrastination is the enemy to progress especially in the IT industry. Make it a commitment to obtain an IT certification this year without fail and you will give your IT career a big boost.


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