How Popular is Mobile Gambling in India


Let’s begin with some obvious facts. India is one of the largest gambling users in the world. They are also one of the top 5 mobile gaming markets on the planet. If we mix these two facts, we will get the most obvious claim. Mobile gambling in India is very popular and now we will discuss why and how popular it actually is.

3 out of 4 people uses a smartphone to play games

At the moment, there are 525.5 million internet users in India. 29% of them are smartphone users with this number growing as we speak. By 2023 the number of internet users will reach 666.4 million and 36.20% will use smartphones. India is the fastest-growing smartphone and internet market in the world. More and more people are using smartphones to surf the web, play games and in general, replace their computers. The smartphone gaming industry is worth $943 million so you can get a better idea.

The bottom line here is that both, internet users using smartphones and those playing games is increasing exponentially in the country and this trend will continue to rise indefinitely. Even more impressive is the fact there is a massive growth of internet users in rural areas of the country. 97% of them use smartphones to visit the web.

All combined we have a big country where millions of people use smartphones to play games. A big part of them visits online casinos to gamble. This makes online mobile gambling massive and one of the biggest in the world.

More than half of gamblers prefer using smartphones

In 2019 there was a big change in the gambling industry. More and more gamblers starting using smartphones to visit online casinos, list of new online mobile casinos – HEX site reviewed and play games for free. The same change applies to India as well. Almost all gamblers have used or have been using a smartphone or a tablet to gamble at online casinos. Reasons for that are obvious. It is easier, simpler and games can be played literally anywhere. There are plenty of payment providers who now support smartphones making this process even easier.

Once again we have a trend that will continue to rise. As we have mentioned, more people will use smartphones and tablets. The number of gamblers in the country is rising as well. Mix the two and you get a massive increase in the gamblers who use smart devices to gamble online. There are a few things we will have to mention here.

Differences between iOS and Android users

By now you know that mobile gambling in India is massive and it is growing faster than anyone could ever expect. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that there are some differences between iOS and Android users. Let’s start with iOS or Apple devices.

Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad must use legal and official apps that are founded on App Store. However, some online casinos and online establishments, in general, don’t support these apps. What this means is that those users will have to visit mobile versions of the desired website in order to play games. The usability is still at a high level, but there are some drawbacks. For instance, some games may not work, loading time is slower and the navigation is a bit more complicated.

This isn’t an issue for Android users. They can download official apps from Google Play and play online games at any online casino instantly. But, if the app isn’t available on Google Play, these users can simply install third-party app. Many online casinos offer those apps available on the websites. All a user has to do is to activate install from unknown sources in the main menu and all pass will run.

The final word

The bottom line here is that mobile gaming in India is so popular as well as gambling, that soon this country will become the biggest market in the industry. Players like playing poker, place bets on sports and also table games in general. Slots are popular as well. All of this will continue to grow as long as there are online casinos, so indefinitely. After all, mobile gambling is easier, more convenient and comes with countless perks.


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