How to choose a camera


Who doesn’t dream of the latest model of your favorite camera brand? Or with the new ultra-bright lens of such a brand? And even think that with that camera model and that new lens our photos will look better than ever. It happened to me years ago, and I think it has all happened to us at some time.

The brands have now put us in that race: they take out a new mobile model every year, a tablet, a camera and even a car. And with the rhythm of life we ​​get into the daily maelstrom and want the latest of the latest.

And we can see it every day, people who want the latest smartphone model when the one they have is only a year and a half ago. But with something even more expensive, such as our photographic equipment, we should not get into that race to have the latest technology shout.

And when we relax and think about enjoying what we have without entering the battle of consumption, it seems that we already have everything under control, but … we begin to get scared about the planned obsolescence and the useful life of the shutter and so on.

Well, ignoring the latter is also when we can enjoy what we have and save a lot of money.

The trap of brands

Photography brands are like that, it’s normal, they live on it. They make incredible ads that fascinate you and in the end, if you do not wake up from the dream, you can come to believe that since you do not buy the last model they just took out, you will stay the last in the queue, outdated, obsolete and with a team with lower performance than the equipment of the rest of the people. In fact, it’s only a psychological trap. Many London Business Portrait Photographer services use “not-new” kits and are still able to produce high quality shots.

And many bite, and fall into the trap

And they buy a new model believing that theirs was outdated and it turns out that they have only gained Wi-Fi connectivity and a few more megapixels or focus points.

The quality is awesome.

It doesn’t matter if your camera is not the most modern in the market. And so with everything, you can even look for an example on Flickr made with your same modest camera model and you will also see a lot of quality. But brands don’t want that, they want you to buy a new lens and a new camera every 2 years.

Common mistakes when buying a new camera.

– Choose the model by the number of megapixels it has. Many still think that a camera with more megapixels gives us more quality and sharpness. But it is only the resolution, or what is the same, the final size of the image.

– Do not look at the technical characteristics of the new camera that best suit our type of photography.

We are advised by acquaintances or friends or even by the same brands or by sellers. But we don’t think about whether that camera is the best or not for landscapes, portrait, sports, nature, etc.

– Look only at the well-known brands, such as Canon and Nikon, and do not value the rest that come stomping with options that may be interesting, such as Sony, Olympus, Fuji and Panasonic.

– Buy the kit that comes standard.

Maybe you like portrait photography, but you buy the kit with the basic 18-55mm, instead of saving a little and better investing in two fixed focal points, for example.

– Always need the latest.

We have already seen that it is not necessary, even with goals of more than 20 years ago real wonders are achieved. And taking care of your camera, it can last you years giving you joy.

Finally, do not rush and choose the functions of the new camera. Each brand has its strengths and weaknesses for each type of photography.


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