How to Install Office in Windows and MAC


Getting Started:

Microsoft Office is one of the most important software which is much needed in each and every computer. Microsoft has developed the most powerful office applications which are used by the majority of the users around the globe. Although several users are having a Windows PC and Mac computer. MS Office supports both platforms and can be installed and use in a single way. In case you want to know about the procedure to download and install Microsoft Office in your computer, you should definitely dive into the article for further information. But before you start installing Microsoft Office in your computer, we should definitely select the version according to your need. You can know more about Benefits Windows Domain Controller Server .

Guidelines to Install Microsoft Office in Windows PC:

The first thing you need to do is to choose the appropriate Microsoft Office versions to install it in your computer. There are several differences between each and every version of MS Office, choose the version according to the need of the applications on your computer. You can get the preferred version of the MS Office from the softwarekeep, we would recommend you to choose Microsoft office home and business 2016.

Your Windows PC must have Windows 7 or newer operating system in order to install MS Office. Check that your device is having a minimum of 2GB of RAM and 3 GB of internal storage space to run the software. Use these following guidelines for installing MS Office in your Windows PC.

  1. Open your internet browser and use the recommended website.
  2. After the website opens up, choose the appropriate MS Office version from there.
  3. Now download the MS Office from that website and purchase the product key.
  4. Now, wait for the installation file of the MS Office to get downloaded in your computer.
  5. After the installation file is downloaded, locate the installation file in the downloads folder using the file explorer application.
  6. Now double click on the MS Office installation file in order to install the software in your PC.
  7. After the application is installed, you will get to see the app icon in the app list of your Windows PC.
  8. Now launch any of the Microsoft Office application in your computer by double-clicking on the app icon.
  9. After you have launched the MS Office application, it will ask for the product key to activate the product.
  10. Use the purchased product key and apply it in the popup dialogue box.
  11. It will take a few moments to verify the product key with the server in order to activate your MS Office.
  12. Now you can easily create and manage document files using the MS Office in your Windows PC.

Guidelines to Install Microsoft Office in Mac Computer:

Use these following guidelines to install Microsoft Office in Mac computer. Choose the appropriate version of MS Office to install it on your computer.

  1. Open the Safari browser in your Mac computer.
  2. Use the recommended website to download the Microsoft Office on your Mac computer.
  3. Wait for the installation file to get downloaded in your Mac computer.
  4. After the file is successfully downloaded, launch the finder in Mac computer.
  5. Now give me to go to the downloads to locate the MS Office installation file.
  6. After you are successfully located the MS Office installation file, double click on it.
  7. Now the installation page will open up, you need to click on the continue button proceed with the installation.
  8. Now you need to agree with the terms and conditions and select the location where you want to install the office and click on the continue button.
  9. Your Mac computer will ask you for your username and password in order to install the software in your Mac computer.
  10. MS Office will start installing the software in your Mac computer.
  11. Wait for a few moments in order to complete the installation process.
  12. After it’s done you need to click on the Launchpad icon which is available in the dock.
  13. Now it will show you all the available application on your Mac computer.
  14. Click on any of the MS Office application to open it.
  15. Now the application will ask for the product key to activate it in your Mac computer.
  16. Use the purchased product key to activate the MS Office and start using and managing document files in your Mac computer.

Wrapping Things Up:

Manage and create document files using Microsoft Office, no matter which platform you are using you can always use the MS Office software. Use the complete guidelines which we have provided in this article on our website iGeekPhone. We have collected this complete information about installing MS Office in both Windows PC and Mac computer from Microsoft support. Choose the appropriate version for your computer and install it using the guidelines. Share this useful article with others, so that they get to install MS Office in their computer.


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