How to Play Backgammon on Your Phone?


Backgammon is considered one of the most popular table games in the world. It dates back to prehistory and has been a favorite pastime of many nobles and smallfolk alike during the Dark Ages and later.

In the 20th century, the game was brought to one of the superpowers at the time — the United States. Thousands of backgammon lovers emerged and created popular tournaments, some of which are still active.

Remote Playing?

Yet, one of the problems that all table games faced was remote playing. Was there a way to play backgammon with someone on the other side of the planet? Luckily, the age of the Internet has made it possible.

First of all, online casinos emerged, and we were able to witness a massive popularization of slots and table and card games. Online slot developers appeared, creating popular titles that became available all over the web, such as the one featured in this article.

Other forms of remote games and activities soon followed, such as sports betting, which many believe is even better than online casinos.

However, playing backgammon remotely remained a mystery for a very long time. There were a couple of platforms, but they were not good. They failed to enter the mainstream market, and many backgammon lovers were unaware of them.

The Mobile Era

The era of online table games on desktop computers lasted for more than a decade, until the introduction of first smartphones. Game creators suddenly realized how important it is to make everything mobile-friendly, and quickly started either making new games or optimizing old ones so that they could be accessed via mobile devices.

Some developers did a great job while others failed. However, when it comes to backgammon, many agree they can play the best free backgammon game online across all devices nowadays. The name of this game is Backgammon Live, and it is the first ultimate backgammon game that sparked interest among the lovers of this table game.

What Is Backgammon Live?

Backgammon Live has millions of players worldwide who actively enjoy playing the game with their friends or complete strangers on the web. It has a unique pairing system that allows you to play the game with someone as skillful as you.

Speaking of skills, the game also features a great leveling system and dozens of other cool features that further enhance your online backgammon experience. For example, you get to collect coins, unlock new levels, new boards, and more. It is an interactive platform that backgammon players immediately fall in love with.

So what did Backgammon Live do right that others failed at? First of all, they connected their app to Facebook, meaning you can access it whenever you want just by logging in to your FB account. The second, more important, aspect of their marketing and adoption strategy is the optimization for mobile phones. This leads us to the last and crucial part of the article that answers the topic question — how to play backgammon on your phone?

Backgammon Live Dedicated App

The key to the success of this platform is hidden in its availability across a wide variety of devices, including mobile phones and tablets. All you have to do to play this game is to install a dedicated app. You can find the app in the Google Play Store for Android devices and in the App Store for Apple devices.

The game is optimized for small screens and offers all the options available on the desktop version. It will automatically connect to your Facebook account, and you will be able to start your game in under a minute.

Therefore, make sure to check out Backgammon Live and enjoy playing it with your friends or random people on the web. The app is completely free, and you can play it as much as you want. However, there are a couple of in-game purchases that can make your backgammon experience even more convenient.

Regardless of the device you choose, you will be able to play one of the most popular table games and test your skills and luck against anyone who has a Facebook account.


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