How To Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Installing a Software On their Phone?


Wondering how to read someone’s text messages without letting them know and touching their phone? It might seem impossible but technology has developed so much that with the excess of internet you can control the activities of anyone on their smartphone.

So to read someone’s text messages without installing a software on their phone is also possible. Some people might argue that spying on others phone is not a good habit but sometimes you have to do it under certain circumstances, such as:

  • To monitor whom your kid is chatting to
  • Find out what your children for spouse are doing online to ensure their safety and verify if they are up to something wrong
  • Tracking the location of your partner if you suspect them of cheating on you
  • View photos and videos in the gallery
  • View social media activities including comments and messages
  • The solution to solve this problem is to use a trustworthy Spy App. 
  • Spy App-track what someone is doing on their phone

Use uMobix to read someone’s Text Messages 

uMobix is a phone monitoring solution designed in just the right allows you to read text messages without installing the app on the targeted phone. It inspires the phone by staying 100% hidden and undetectable. Not only text messages but also social media activities, call log, history can be tracked through it.

There are millions of users around the world already using this app and are 100% satisfied with every feature in the office. This application is competitive and better than other apps present on the internet. Here is what makes it the best application when it comes to reading text messages.


  • No root or jailbreak


Application is designed for both Android and IOS devices. It ensures security and requires no rooting or jailbreaking to access the information of the targeted phone. Moreover the other person never comes to know of being spied on.


  • User friendly interface


Application involves no rocket science when it comes to operating it. It has a user friendly interface which is all set up by itself and the whole process from downloading applications to start spying requires only 4 to 5 minutes. Furthermore, to operate the application you do not require any technical knowledge or assistance at all.


  • Stealth mode


It works in the stealth mode which means that when you are spying on text messages or anything else the target will never find out about it. It does not matter if the target to rise is an Android or iPhone you never need to assess the device and by providing the iCloud credentials for other necessary details you can see what’s going on in their device. 

As soon as you set up the device you are taken to the dashboard where all the available options are for you and you can select what to view.

How to use uMobix?

As stated above the application has a user friendly interface and requires no rocket science to operate it. Here are a few steps involved;

Download the application in your phone and create an account to assess the text messages and other secret information.

Choose the device and provide the necessary detail. Enter iCloud information if you loved one is using an iPhone or simply the account information in case of an Android phone.

Now set the application you want to get the information about and start reading straight from your dashboard.


Communication is the key of every relationship if someone is being overprotective suddenly or underestimating you, it is an alarming sign that something is wrong for sure. It is absolutely normal to doubt the other person and dig out to verify in order to have a hold on the relationship.

In case you verify that they are cheating on you, they are accountable for their activities. For some time that fine me not to be a good idea but to verify your doubt it is important. You deserve to find out what is actually going on and how you can improve your relationship by overcoming the communication barriers.

As stated above in the article, there is no need of hiring someone to chase your partner & investigate what’s going on, you can simply do this by using a keylogger or a reliable spy app. 


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