Live Adult Cams Development Over The Years


It’s almost impossible for anyone to believe who was online at the birth of the internet and how far live adult cams have come. Sure, there’s always been some forms of live entertainment on the internet. Who can forget those so-called live cams that refreshed every so many minutes with a still picture? Those were hardly live, but it did feel like you were getting a bird’s eye view of something that happened recently. Technology has changed and so with it has how we consume it. Gone are the days when you had to sit in front of a big bulky computer to do anything on the internet. Today, people have smartphones in their pocket that are more powerful than even the most expensive computers of yesteryear.

Cams were once seen as a novelty

There were many reasons for that, and one of them was scarcity. Cams weren’t very popular on the internet as they required the person owning the cam to have a lot of bandwidth. Cams were often novelties that businesses or places of higher education streamed online. A college, for example, has enough bandwidth to stream a live shot of a wildlife preserve. The average person dialing into the internet using AOL didn’t. The other problem was the internet connections at the time were very slow. It wasn’t possible for the average person to watch a high-quality stream of live video. More often than not, the stream was grainy and the window was small. Though, you still felt like you were watching something super special since it was live.

Access to broadband changed it all

Live entertainment was changed forever when the average person had access to broadband. Before, it was primarily business and institutions that had access to broadband. Now, the person who used a slow dial-up connection had access to what they considered lightning fast speeds. The internet connections were still slow considering today’s numbers, but they opened up a whole new world back then. Now people could do things like chat using audio and video as well. It would still be quite some time until the rollout of broadband would have a severe impact on society as a whole. Though, those who could connect at higher speeds certainly made the most of it.

The introduction of the smartphone

What changed live streaming cams more than anything? It could be the invention of the smartphone. Today, 4G speeds are fast enough to stream almost anything live. Every person carries with them a device that’s capable of enabling them to watch almost anything live as it happens. It’s entirely possible a person could watch a live event unfold from around the world on their phone. Distance is no longer a concern, and neither is the need to be plugged into the internet. Not only has this changed how we consume cams, it has also changed the type of content cams deliver.

It might be surprising to learn an increasing number of mature women are on live cams

The older generation has stormed the internet with mature live sex cams. No one would’ve thought this was possible, or even likely twenty years ago. It goes to show that everyone in our society has adapted to cams. You can see, hear, and talk to women while they perform on cam. It goes to show that the future of this technology is one that has many twists and turns. The only constant thing about the internet is change and live cams are no different. No matter if we’re talking live shots at the zoo or of a good looking camgirl, it’s all within reach thanks to online cams.


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