Motorola V3 Concept Map: New Notch Design


Motorola’s V3 was a real fire, but then Motorola was devastated. The Motorola V3 has not been extended. Recently, foreign media released a new set of Motorola V3, which is still ultra-thin design. At the same time, the comprehensive screen also adopts the micro-bang design, and the screen ratio is also high.

The new Motorola V3 uses a full-screen design, but the micro-bang design is used in the upper frame. It is also Notch. The design of the new Motorola V3 is more natural, much more beautiful than the iPhoneX’s Notch. The new Motorola V3 is cleverly used in the arc, so that Notch looks and integrates with the screen, not so ugly.

The new Motorola V3 has designed two front-facing cameras in the Notch area, and an earpiece is designed in the middle of the two front cameras. In fact, I personally feel that a series of domestic brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi can completely carry out a new design for Notch, and do not need to imitate the appearance of Notch of iPhoneX.

The fingerprint recognition module is designed on the back of the new Motorola V3. It seems that the new Motorola V3 will not use the screen fingerprint recognition unlocking module. Although the fingerprint recognition unlocking technology is not complicated, the mobile phone used in this technology is also available.

The body of the new Motorola V3 is said to be made of glass. It is said that the interior of the phone will also be equipped with a wireless charging module. At present, the domestic mobile phone body equipped with wireless charging module is only Xiaomi, even Huawei is not equipped, so the new Motorola V3 equipped with wireless charging module is still a certain competitive.

The new Motorola V3 uses a rear dual camera design. At present, the dual-camera design of the mobile phone has become the mainstream, so it is not enough to have a dual camera. In fact, if the new Motorola V3 is designed as a rear three camera, then It will inevitably be sold. At present, only Huawei P20Pro adopts the rear three-lens design.

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What kind of configuration will be used in the new Motorola V3? If they equipped with the latest processor such as Snapdragon processor, the performance of the new Motorola V3 is definitely strong. If the memory can be equipped with 8GB, then the new Motorola V3 There is no need to worry about the sales. Do you like the design of this new Motorola V3? If the new Motorola V3 is really on the market, what do you think is the price?

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