Norway is advancing in adapting 5G network


It might sound cliche but the 21st century is really an era of new technologies. Sometimes we take all those for granted and do not even think about the possibilities that we were given. We think that it is the way it should have been, but it is true that this century has made the level of progress that not another period of time has done the same. Technologies are now part of our lives and would not be able to do anything without them because the environment is already adapted to it not only your refusal will change the reality. One of the main technologies in our life is mobile phones and it is gaining more and more functions. If it was initially created to make the calls and send messages, then it was developed to take pictures and now there are thousands of choices that you can make while using your mobile phones. It is vivid that this device is undergoing changes very quickly and developing its hardware and software in a blink of an eye, however, some of those changes are not visible from the eyes of general users, but professionals can name the difference very easily. One of the main changes that were recently happening was the improvement of internet speed, changing from 4G to 5G which made new opportunities open to society. As it requires the developed environment, many countries are having different attitudes towards it and the speed of obtaining it, but Norway appeared to be one of the first in this regard. It is going to change the nature of many different industries, especially the entertainment field, gaming, financial services, etc.

Norwegian experience

Telenor is a Norwegian company,  which is one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies with operations worldwide but focused in Scandinavia and Asia. It has extensive broadband and TV distribution operations in four Nordic countries, and a 10-year-old research and business line for Machine-to-Machine technology. Telenor owns networks in 9 countries. It is a state-owned multinational telecommunications company and a real forerunner in terms of advancing its services.

This is why it is not a surprise that it became the first mobile operating system that is launching a commercial 5G network in Norway and takes an important place in the development of the 5G network. The company had launched the 5G pilot version in 2018 and after years of exploring and observing more and more, the company was finally able to offer it to the wider public. As of today, Telenor’s consumers from 5G devices will be able to connect it to their mobile phones.

2020 was an example of the importance of the development of digital infrastructure. The new 5G network will guarantee better mobile coverage and increasingly better access to broadband across the country, which will decrease the vulnerability of an increasingly digitized society.

Implementation of 5G in different industries

As we have mentioned above, technical developments generally have an influence on many other different fields. Especially when we are talking about the internet, we can barely imagine one day living without it and the improvement of internet services is directly related to everything that is linked to it. When companies started updating their services to the better 5G access, it worked as a new opportunity for them to please customers and give them a better experience.

The entertainment industry, for example, such as gaming, allows a player to enjoy the process without delays due to the increased quality and speed of the internet. It affected online gambling the same way, which is very convenient for the players for whom the time and quality really matters during the game process. The better and faster internet gave various mobile casinos on the Norwegian market the ability to please their customers with more complex and upgraded software that wasn’t available to give players its best because of the speed of regular LTE or 4G. The changes on the Telenor have affected the mobile apps, related to gaming or casino, now that they are able to provide their clients with better services. To continue with the financial sector, any activities that were related to it are welcoming this innovation. For example, can you imagine trading with high-speed internet when you are able to execute the trade quicker and more efficiently? Yes, this is a great development for the traders.

In 2021 Telenor is planning to upgrade its more than 2000 stations and almost 9000 in the next 4 years.


Finally, to sum up, the 5G internet is going to revolutionize the industries in a better way. The reason why it is not happening to upgrade to 5G everywhere simultaneously is that the environment as a whole is not ready for it. As it requires an advanced infrastructure, there are some countries that need to do a lot of work in terms of implementing 5G and it is vivid in the above-mentioned case as well. One of the most advanced countries in the world, even Norwegian companies have to upgrade their infrastructure to provide their clients with the proper services. Some countries have different practices in this regard and today, they have a lot of work to do and in some countries, this innovation is also a victim of a much different myth, as it is not safe to use, it contains health risks, etc. However, there are already many professionals who use the 5G network for the special experience, and because of its quality, since there are many software or services that after upgrading their services, it is difficult for them to work on 4G and the 5G network is a really good solution for them.


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