Researching and Using Hashtags to Increase your Instagram Followers


Twitter might have invented hashtags, but Instagram boasts of putting them on the map. Currently, Instagram hashtags do not only categorize content and make it discoverable to users but are also an effective way of getting more followers, expanding brand reach and awareness and increasing engagement. 

That said, if you would like to tap into this platform’s audience potential, working on your hashtag game should be the way to go. According to recent stats, Instagram posts with hashtags received 70% more engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares compared to those without hashtags. This is why you should learn how to research and use hashtags to enjoy the various benefits.

Researching Your Hashtags

Researching your hashtags before putting them to use is overly important. This is because the more relevant and more targeted your hashtags are, the more the chances of reaching your target audience who will engage with your content. Based on your brand goals, several types of researches that will enable you to find the best Instagram hashtags. Some effective techniques include;

• Search Relevant Topics

The best place to start your hashtag research is by searching for trends related to your business niche. Keying in keywords, you use currently is perhaps a good place to start your research. From the Instagram app, type on the search icon, select “tags” from the dropdown menu, and enter the hashtags into Instagram’s search bar.

The results of every keyword search will reveal some of the top hashtags closely related to the keyword searched. This will give you better ideas for more hashtags that can be used to reach and engage your audience.

• Research Your Target Audience

Rather than just placing general hashtags at the end of your Instagram post, you can take a targeted approach to grow your following by finding out the hashtags your audience are using. Insert these hashtags into your post if they are relevant and contain keywords suitable to your niche. When doing this, watch out for overused hashtags.

For a targeted approach, drill down to long-tail hashtags. For instance, if you are posting a photo of a site in Quebec, Canada, instead of using the hashtag #Quebec with more million posts, use #QuebecBC with approximately 900,000 posts. This will reach a broader audience but with a lesser hashtag search competition.

• Research Industry Leaders

The other effective way of finding hashtags is by following Instagram influencers and brands with whom you share the target audience to watch for the hashtags they use. From this, you will discover some new hashtags to add to your fold.

You can also search for potential Instagram hashtags through the following methods.

 Use Instagram hashtag search tools like Hashtagify to find high-performance hashtags.

 Google search your hashtags without the “#” symbol both with and without the spaces between the keywords.

 Search through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms to find out if your hashtag has been in use before.

 Ensure that your hashtags don’t have a second meaning as they can confuse your audience.

 Double-check any acronyms used in the hashtags for potential double meanings.

Using Instagram Hashtags to Increase Your Followers

Having identified the best Instagram hashtags to use, the key to success is by using the strategically. For starters, there are several research findings as to the number of hashtags to use in each post. Depending on what you believe, the best number of hashtags ranges between 5 to a maximum of 30. That said, try the following hashtags using techniques to get more followers.

• Use Special Daily Hashtags

Using daily hashtags makes it easy to interact with your Instagram audience on a daily basis. This keeps them consistently engaged with your Instagram content. Some of the possible daily hashtags you can use include;

 Monday – #MondayBlues, #MondayMorning, #MotivationalMonday, #MusicMonday, #MondayMotivation

 Tuesday – #TuesdayVibes, #TravelTuesday, #TuesdayTip

 Wednesday – #HumpDay, #WednesdayMotivation, #WednesdayWorkout

 Thursday- #ThrowbackThursday, #ThursdayThoughts, #ThursdayMood

 Friday – #FridayNight, #FridayNightLights, #FridayFact, #FridayFun

 Saturday- #SaturdayMorning, #SaturdayNight, #SaturdayLove

 Sunday – #SundayFunday, #SundayBrunch, #SundaySpecial, #SundayMorning

• Use Hashtags in Instagram Stories

Including hashtags in your Instagram stories in either the text, location tag, or sticker provides another avenue of finding a new audience. However, placing hashtags in the story images or videos do not guarantee this will happen. This is because hashtags aggregation hugely depend on the quality of your Instagram story content and level of engagement.

• Use Niche Specific Hashtags

Niche-specific hashtags connect your brand to a specific target audience who will most likely engage and do business with you. Such special tags are best for small and medium-sized Instagram brands hoping to jump into the sea of a larger competition. The key to do this is zeroing in on niche specific hashtags.

For instance, if you are a vintage watch lover, using the hashtag #VintageWatch will expose your post to a broader feed. However, using the hashtag #VintageRolexWatch will specifically narrow down to a smaller audience, increasing the chances of exposure.

• Use Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags are unique to your brand and a great way to increase awareness of your business. It also gives your Instagram followers a way of interacting with your brand and each other. Branded hashtags should be as simple as your company name, brand identity, a specific product, tagline, or marketing campaign.

• Add Hashtags to Your Instagram Bio

Instagram only allows users to add one hyperlink into their bio. However, adding hashtags into your bio encourages people to spike conversations and share some experiences with your brand. Doing this gives your bio the much-needed additional punch as it provides links to hashtag feeds. By placing the “#” before any word on your Instagram profile, it will automatically become a clickable link.


Instagram hashtags are overly powerful tools for growing your Instagram audience, boosting your online engagement, widening your reach, and increasing your followers. Successful Instagram hashtags can pique your Instagram follower’s curiosity and spike them to join a conversation. That said, with some solid Instagram hashtag research, a well-thought-out strategy and good execution, you will certainly make the most out of Instagram hashtags. And to learn about the best Instagram followers app, check out


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