SextPanther Is a Safe Adult Texting Platform with a Unique Twist


SextPanther is an adult texting platform that is safe and fun to use. With millions of users, the company is providing a niche service that has been particularly in-demand during the pandemic. When many of us rely solely on texting to communicate, SextPanther taps into this culture and evolves the concept for a more relevant entertainment experience in our modern age.

What Is SextPanther?

SextPanther is a platform where adult content creators can connect with their fans and have direct conversations and share personalized media to an online audience safely. When texting has become so ubiquitous, the service relies on the comfort that people derive from sending a text rather than calling or scheduling a video call with them right off the bat. Of course, if things heat up, users can request to get on a phone call or 1-on-1 video call.

This casual and relaxed style of communication has already proved popular for adult services, as ‘sexting’ is already common on apps like SnapChat and WhatsApp. Instead of having to download a new app or risk safety concerns though, SextPanther is a safe website that was specifically designed for this purpose.

How It Works

SextPanther offers a risk-free experience to users. Users can browse the service for free (there is plenty of free teaser content to look at on the Explore page) but if you want to start chatting, you can get started with as little as $2.00. Adult content creators can determine how and when they want to market their services, depending on their schedule and preferences. SextPanther was originally designed for texting but eventually offered other ways to communicate via audio and video calls as well.

It’s free to sign up and only requires a username, password, and email to get started. After an account has been created, a member can explore different services and browse entertainers to learn more about how SextPanther works. To access premium content, members will need to upgrade their membership to a paid account by purchasing a credit package ranging from $2 to $500.

Content creators appreciate this platform because it builds choice into its business model. If an entertainer only wants to text with users, they can rely solely on texting for revenue. Creators get to set their rates per text and per minute if they decide to turn on phone calls or video calls, depending on what they are comfortable with. Once the creator has amassed several contacts, they can send mass texts with media attached out to everyone on their list for a custom rate.

Being offered these marketing tactics is a great way for adult entertainers to utilize the platform to the fullest extent. For instance, creators are able to give out their SextPanther phone number for free as a way to entice fans into a more lucrative connection with a low barrier to entry. SextPanther gives content creators a chance to experiment with different options and find a system that works best for them and their audience.

Privacy and SextPanther

Nothing is more important than privacy and security on SextPanther. Content creators never have to worry about having their real phone numbers leaked or supply any credit card information to get started. It is free to join for them, and they’re paid twice a month for service rendered. These payments are made possible by the commissions earned through credits spent on them during the pay period

All terms and conditions are explicitly explained at the time of signup for everyone on the platform. Should a member have a question or concern, the SextPanther team is known for quality customer service and expert technicians. The website has prioritized fairness for everyone on both sides of the transaction, which has attracted that many more people to try the company’s services.

What Makes SextPanther Different

SextPanther has streamlined a service that was already popular, to begin with, and simultaneously given content creators a viable way to make extra income every month. Once contactless transactions became an everyday standard, it’s no wonder that SextPanther has become one of the most popular texting services since the pandemic. The company will continue to put users and models first as it further evolves to meet new needs on the market.


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