The 11 Strangest Online Slots


Mobile slot machines see the highest number of casino game releases each year with the high demand continually being faced in the industry. Of the many creations that are released, a couple of them are bound to be bizarre and rooted in strange themes and ideas. Here are eleven such mobile casino slots that range from hilarious to downright creepy:

1. Esqueleto Explosivo

The Mexican day of the dead is not the most popular theme online, but it has been explored by several slots nonetheless. Esqueleto Explosivo is among the games that have examined the holiday, and it has done so in a creepy yet entertaining fashion. The game’s five by three grid is made up of the skeleton heads of mariachi band members decorated in different colours. Each time the play button is hit, the heads fall off the skeleton body while others fall from above. The strange nature of the game is taken a notch higher when winning combos are landed. The responsible characters sing a line of the mariachi song before exploding off the screen. If another combo is created, the symbols sing the next line of the song before similarly leaving the screen.

2. 40 Shades of Santa

Instead of flying around the world gifting children on his Nice List with ordinary gifts, the big red man appears to be into some naughty business in 40 Shades of Santa. The slot machine is inspired by the film 50 Shades of Grey, which captures BDSM in all its glory. In the game, Santa seems to be into some sadomasochistic stuff this year from the presents that appear to be in his bag as revealed on the five reels and three rows of the game. Whips, masks, high heels, and handcuffs replace rocking horses, dolls, and other toys synonymous with the holiday. The adult game is limited to Paddy Power casinos, which most players are thankful for. Comparing with The Invisible Man slot which is also based on a film, 40 Shades of Santa feels like a separate storyline.

3.Machine Gun Unicorn

Unicorns are often used as symbols of all things peace and love, but that is not the case in Machine Gun Unicorn. This slot takes players to a world riddled with war as these magical creatures try to defend their land from zombies. As the unicorns are about to lose, a hero appears and saves the day. However, this hero is not an ordinary unicorn, and the colourful horn on their head is replaced with the mouth of a machine gun that fires bullets at the enemy. Gamblers can expect a lot of angry creatures on the screen such as fire-breathing unicorns while others walk around with bats covered in blood.

4. Invaders from the Planet Moolah

Online casinos are no stranger to slots based on alien attacks on earth and others on the calm farm animals, cows. However, NetEnt takes gamblers to a strange new world where these two themes are meshed together to create Invaders from the Planet Moolah. The peculiar nature of the game comes in the fact that the invaders are cows looking to abduct as many of their barnyard cousins as possible. The invasion takes place on five reels that include the cascading feature. The intruders float above the playtable the whole time and are involved in some of the action on the grid.

5. Eggomatic


A theme around chicken does not sound exciting enough, so NetEnt takes it a notch higher and introduces gamblers to robot chickens. The Eggomatic game takes players through a post-apocalyptic age where eggs are rare, so a factory of hens is set up to try and make as many as possible. The five reels of the game hold the mechanical animals on cables, and those that create a winning combo are blasted with an electric current. A conveyor belt runs on top of the columns with metallic eggs of different credit prizes that can only be caught by the rooster, who is the leader of the gang.

6. Planet Exotica

The online gaming software developer Microgaming is famous for keeping slots within ordinary lines, but it breaks these bounds with Planet Exotica. The game immerses players into an alien world of sexy crossbreeds of human chicks and reptilian creatures. The hybrid humans are blessed with sizeable bosoms that are held together by skimpy bikinis and tight t-shirts. Things get even more steamy in the bonus round, where players are presented with a stripper pick-me bonus. Gamblers have to choose at least three of the same article of clothing before it disappears from the alien’s body. However, if the blue-looking bully is picked thrice, gamers are kicked out of the round.

7. You Lucky Bastard

You Lucky Bastard charms players with abuse, which is as strange as things can get. For gamblers who thrive on a wheel of curses and do not mind the vulgar language, then You Lucky Bastard is ideal for a laugh or two. The game carries a simple appearance that does not do much to set it apart from other titles. However, background tunes are replaced with a hail of curse words that come around with nearly every spin. Any anger that comes from the insults can be soothed down with credit payouts, free spins, and a cash ladder round.

8. Bible Slots

The Christian religion is not the biggest fan of gambling and condemns any form of the act. Therefore, staunch believers will not find any fun in the title Bible Slots. The series of pokie machines tells some of the famous stories in the Bible in slot fashion including those of Adam and Eve, the end of times, and several others. The game even introduces the popular lord and saviour Jesus as he offers some miracles in the form of coins and multiplier bonuses.

9. Cyrus the Virus

Microscopic viruses are not the most exciting thing one would like to be around, but Yggdrasil Gaming finds a way to keep the creatures out of the body and fun at the same time. Enter Cyrus, the Virus, a fun-loving microbe that can be seen hanging out with other cells on five reels and three rows set inside the body of a bigger organism. The game accommodates stakes of between 10 pennies and 40 pounds, which allows a wide range of players to engage in gameplay.

10. Frog Grog

It’s hard to imagine anyone would be looking for fire-breathing frogs, but Yggdrasil Gaming provides them anyway in the slot game Frog Grog. Players are introduced to the weird creatures on five reels with 23 bet lines. The strange nature of the game is made fun by striking graphics that take players inside a potion-making store where the reels spin in tumbling motion and multipliers are offered for consecutive payouts.

11. Taboo

Endorphina jumps onto the BDSM wagon that appears to be sending the adult market into a craze. The game features a standard five-by-three format, but the icons that appear on the reels are nothing but. Gamblers can enjoy trying to create steamy combinations of whips, cuffs, and spelling out BDSM.

Final Comments

Out of the eleven titles mentioned above, gamblers can choose whichever weird direction they would like their imagination to be immersed in. Gamers should note that the strange nature of some slots makes them limited to specific gaming sites.


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