The Four Best Gaming Consoles


When you ask a group of gamers what the best gaming console is, you’re going to start a long argument that could go on until the end of time. There are never any winners in those arguments. It might be somewhat subjective, but there are some very clear winners in the console wars. Which one you prefer is going to depend on what games you like to play and where you like to play them. If you’re looking at consoles and are bewildered by the choice, then here are the four best gaming machines and who they are perfect for

Graphics Perfection – The Xbox One X

There are always going to be minor differences in the graphics capabilities of consoles, but the clear winner in 2019 is definitely the Xbox One X. This workhorse of a console comes loaded with some serious power, and even the most demanding AAA titles are going to look slick and crisp on your TV. Even games like Call Of Duty: WWII will come to life without any lag, and that’s down to the 4K HD graphics and 12GB of RAM. If you don’t ever want to worry about your games looking good, then you won’t go far wrong with the Xbox One X.

Online Multiplayer – PlayStation 4

As the most popular console on the market, the PlayStation 4 is a great console for those who want to play online with their friends (and enemies). Due to the fact that there have been 64 million Playstations sold, you’re not going to have any problems finding someone to play against or with online. You also get access to a massive game library as well, and don’t forget that the PS4 doubles as a Blu-Ray player too!

Power and Portability – Gaming Laptops

It’s not just consoles that you need to look at. There are some equally brilliant gaming laptops on the market too, and they have enough space to challenge and beat even the most high-performing dedicated gaming consoles. Make sure that you know what kind of gaming you’re after. Check with the Choosist guides to narrow down your choices, and you’ll end up with a laptop that isn’t just powerful enough to play your favorite games, but one that is portable too.

Family Fun – The Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch

Not all gaming is about sitting in a dark room and fully immersing yourself. The Nintendo Wii U is a great addition to the family home. It’s not just child-friendly, it’s also very intuitive, and everyone from the youngest kids to the oldest grandparents will be able to join in the fun without much in the way of a learning curve.

For older children, however, the Nintendo Switch is a clear winner. Play by yourself or slide the console into the hub so that multiple players can enjoy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Mario Party on the big screen. Other knockout games include Pokémon: Let’s Go, Splatoon 2, and Mario Kart 8 – all can be played by one player or more.


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