Things everyone should consider before betting on soccer


When betting on football there are important factors that should be taken into consideration before splashing out. Much like the investing sector, the investor will always research the company before jumping in, and that is what you should do before taking on a bet.

If you do not do your research prior and decide to bet on a whim, then you are definitely a target of all of those bookies out there that like to target uneducated betters with flexible cash!

However, some bookies offer free bets in stark contrast. I have some top tips for all betters out there that need some words of wisdom to get them through the next game.

Follow teams

Although this seems like a bit of repetition, you must invest yourself in the teams and players before going ahead with a bet. There are many implications that can occur that could affect the performance of a team, for example, an injury.

By following sporting news like BBC Sports or even newspapers, it can give you that extra support in making a decision on where you will place your bets. A little bit of research can take you a long way!

Watch football games

This sounds like a ridiculous point, but don’t get too caught up in the ‘favourites’ and ‘reputations’ of football teams. By watching games you are able to assess the ability of a team and how well they are playing together.

Do not reference teams based on their performance in a football game 3 years ago, as this will no longer stand! Another thing to consider is location, as there are many teams that tend to play better at home than when they play away.

Team motive

Motives and confidence are definitely key factors to look at before placing money on a team. How much do the team want to win? Have they been given a confidence knock in previous games? How have the players presented themselves in press conferences?

Do you have full faith in them or is something holding you back? Some teams often calculate when they will display their best game as they feel it is better to save their energy for a more important game.

An example of this could be Liverpool, who would persistently put the Premier League on the backstop whilst playing their best in the Championships.


Particularly in England, the weather can often be unpredictable and definitely have an impact on how a game is played. Therefore, before placing bets it is important to watch for weather announcements, as you want to have full confidence in what you are investing in.

Of course, nothing can be entirely certain but being educated and having researched accordingly, you will be betting in a smart and educated manner and will get the best results.

Disclaimer: Gambling can become an addiction for individuals, therefore it is so important to be aware of your own actions and know when to stop and where to seek help if it is needed. You are never alone with a gambling problem, there are always people out there that can relate and support you.


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