Tips for Using YouTube to Promote Your Business


The year 2005 saw a website emerge that would affect almost every aspect of our lives. Entertainment, learning, self-improvement, becoming better at sports, telling children tales, rhymes, and what not. It encompassed everything. You would name something and it had that something to offer. 

Yes, we are not talking about any other than yet another online giant founded in a garage. It is amazing that 14 years on, and it has more than 65,000 video uploads every day with over 100 million views! These stats make it a huge market that can help you get clients and potentially make a ton of money. The question here is, how? Here are a few tips that can help you use YouTube to promote your business.

1. Content-Type

Before you dive in and start working on promoting your business, you first need to decide as to what sort of content you will be sharing on your channel. This will, in turn, reflect on the video format. What type of content/videos can you produce? It will depend on your business/niche along with your business model. Here are a few types of videos that you can make:

• Interview
• Tutorial
• Explainer
• Vlog
• Product review
These are just a few among many, dig a little deeper to find the format best suited to your business.

2. Equipment

Viewing all those great videos makes us wonder how professionals must have worked, not to mention how expensive the equipment must have been. This gives off the impression a video would require professionals, a whole bunch of experts, and expensive equipment.
While all this does play role in making videos, not all videos cost that much. To your surprise, all you would need is a tripod to stabilize your camera, your mobile phone to shoot the video, with a few extra lights to help you make smart use of the angles and film a great shot. Make sure to take a look after a a little footage has been shot, and your video will turn out to be great.
As for the duration, the length should ideally be around 3 to 4 minutes. This makes it not too long as to make it feel it’s a drag, and not too short which may not provide enough information or help. If you like attention to detail, go do your research and see what length works for your audience.

3. Keywords

Keywords are phrases or words that describe what your video is all about. For example, if Cox makes a video about the internet, the keyword could be Cox internet or Cox internet plans. You put these keywords in the page title, description, and tags.
Doing so helps the search engine understand as to what the video is about and it then shows the video among its results when people come looking for it.
You can easily find keywords related to your business, niche or even your brand by using Google’s Keyword Tool. Another way could be taking a look at your competitors’ videos and using the same keywords.

4. CTA

The video aims to convert your viewers to customers. At the very least pull them closer to being one. This requires some sort of activity or action since you can rarely sell directly anything on YouTube; you are using it as a marketing platform to expand your digital footprint.
The easiest way is to add a link to your website or social media page (wherever you want them to land). Once they are there, they not only know that you exist, but you also have a potential customer. If they like what they have seen, you are likely to get more visitors by word of mouth.

5. Social Networking

YouTube is a social network and this cannot be forgotten. You need to be active and respond to comments ASAP. If they make a compliment, thank them; if they have a question, answer it; if they come up with a suggestion, note it.
Comments mean people are paying attention to your videos and are likely to come back for a response. Engage them, and encourage them, by responding. If you have multiple videos on the topic, create a list and let them know where and how to find them.

6. Promotion

You can wait for your potential audience to find you or you can go find them, and tell them where to find you.
You can use multiple platforms to promote each other and enjoy a larger viewership which will eventually translate into increased sales.


Setting up a YouTube channel is easy, uploading content is easier still. Making a name and generating sales or promoting your business is difficult. There’s a catch though. Get your content right, choose the correct video type, without investing too much, and you have a winning formula. Add a little encouragement and the next thing you know, the audience is turning into clients; give that push on other platforms and you give a boost to everything you wanted. Create, interact and promote to get success!


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