Top 5 Games in 2019


There are a million apps available on the Google Play Store. Some of them are good, and some apps are not interesting. The game section of the Google Play Store contains a vast number of game apps. Action, adventure, multiplayer, board games, and many more types of games. But we don’t have time to check one by one game to know the best one. That’s why came up with this topic top five trending apps in 2019. All of the games are free to download play but contains in-app purchases to play games for more fun.

Listing down the top 5 trending games in 2019, that makes a significant impact on gamers as well as in the gaming industry.

● PUBG Mobile
● Garena Free Fire
● Coin Master
● 8 Ball Pools
● Teen Patti By Octro

PUBG Mobile

If you ask anyone about top games in 2019, one answer will be the same, and that is PUBG. This game makes a significant impact on its users. People are gone crazy after this game. It’s a multiplayer battle royale game played between 100 individuals, and you can play this game as a solo or as a team too. You need to pick ammo, weapons and other instruments after dropped from the plane. Then survive till the last to win. The gameplay and the interface are super attractive like casino games.

Garena Free Fire

This game is another multiplayer battle royale game, most similar as PUBG. The gameplay and everything are quite identical. But this game is a little bit lighter than PUBG. You can also play this game as a solo or as a team. You get 10 minutes, and a total of 50 players dropped on the map to fight and survive. The last one to survive is the winner of the match.

Coin Master

If you are a regular mobile gamer, then it’s apparent that you must have encountered with this game in Google Play Store. In this game, you get chances to spin, and win some coins, or raid opponents village for coins, or an opportunity to attack opponents clan. You can build your clan, community with those coins. This one makes people crazy after it, because it is easy to play, and fun-loving people attract more towards it.

8 Ball Pools

8 Ball Pools is one of the best online pool games available. The ease of use and accessibility of this game is impressive. You can play and make free bets with your friends or with random people too. In this game, you have to bet a certain amount of coins to play and win you will get double the bet. There are many tournaments, and other such events are happening to make it a more fantastic game in 2019.

Teen Patti By Octro

This game also is one of the largest card games apps. You are having more than 50 million users in it, and you can also play games like Mufils, Joker, Revolving Joker, 999, AK47 and more such amazing games.


Listed the top five games in 2019 for Android, some of them are new, and some of them are old, but the gameplay and hype are still the same. People are yet crazy after all of the games. If you like the games, then download and use it.


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