Ursa Nano Pod Kit Review: Comes With 800mah Battery


To proceed with this show-stopper and love, Ursa Nano Pod Kit appears for more vapers. From the arrangement to the material, the subtleties are not overlooked.


Ursa Nano Pod Kit is a stylish, pocket-obliging, easy to-use open unit structure. Additionally, It gives you more provisions in a lessened size. we should discuss its course of action, highlights. Lostvape accomplishes you more the markdown here are very few nuances recorded under.

Ursa Nano Pod Kit

In this specific case, within the crate looks far superior to the outside. We have a sleek plastic holder for the Ursa, which comes bundled in a meager plastic pack for added security, and under that we have every one of the included frill, each with its own little compartment.

Ursa Nano Pod Kit


rack down your ideal wattage and look for the best character while vaping with Ursa Nano Pod Kit between 5W-30W. Moreover, It goes with a certain 800 inch battery. Likewise, It has given a courageous work to join minimization. More, The good instinct in the Ursa Nano Pod Kit unit pack, which is also ready to help an entire day of vaping.

Ursa Nano Pod Kit

For the size of this gadget I was anticipating a bigger battery yet it would appear for lower wattage vaping this battery does fine and dandy. When utilizing the lower wattage.

Ursa Nano Pod Kit


Ursa Nano Pod Kit is one of the compact size. Also, It is easily available at Lostvape which gives you more features. So, what are you waiting for?


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