What is responsible gaming?


Overall, responsible gaming is a common concept which includes various rules and policies to ensure sports betting organizations and other companies, who offer gamble services, protect their customers and sell up-market services only. The main aim of responsible gambling is to avoid potential risks and negative impacts of online games.

What Parimatch stands for?

Pari Match holding is a trustworthy company, world-wide known for its careful attitude to customers. That is achieved due to following the requirements of responsible gaming. Parimatch combines high-quality services with well-thought-out protection to make time-spending in the system as much convenient and pleasant as possible. Parimatch includes the following policies to follow the requirements of responsible gaming:

  • Age verification;
  • Partnership with health companies to protect vulnerable customers;
  • All the information about responsible gaming is available publicly on the Parimatch Holding website;
  • Eternal support anywhere and anytime.

These policies help Parimatch to protect their customers and maintain the atmosphere of sports betting entertainment.

What do customers need to remember about responsible gambling in Parimatch?

Sports betting is fun. You have to pay for it, like for a rollercoaster or a visit to a pub. In any case, you will win and lose. And that is absolutely normal, as in any other game. Change your attitude — don’t start playing with Parimatch to earn money only. Think of losing as a payment for the entertainment. This gospel-truth leads to another rule of a responsible gamer — you should never start gambling if you want to win only. Then every loss and failure will lead to unpleasant and negative consequences, including bad mood as the lightest impact among them. In this perspective, we highly recommend you not to be involved in the process when you are upset or emotionally distressed. In such a state, you can hardly evaluate your chances and predict the results “qualitatively”. Moreover, Parimatch offers services to control you gambler’s life in the system. For instance, your account’s financial history will help you enjoy more spending less and controlling your expenditures. Also, you can set limits on time spent on gambling with Parimatch. Watching favorite games and gambling can make you really enthusiastic so that it is super easy to forget about everything apart from a game. But Parimatch with its responsible gaming principles help you avoid this addict-problem.


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