Why Android is better than iPhone for Gambling


For many people, living without a mobile device is simply unimaginable. We use our phones in our day to day work, we communicate with our friends and keep our life organized by using our phones. The need for being connected at all times was also picked up by online casinos. As technology and mobile devices improved, casinos followed. This led to the birth of mobile casinos for Android devices.

The rise of Android and mobile casinos

Since its early acquisition by Google, Android has become the top-selling mobile operating system in the world. They still hold that place today with billions of active monthly users.

The casinos took advantage of this popular trend early on. At that time, Flash technology was still fully supported by Android, so players could access casinos from their mobile browser. On the other hand, this was not possible on iOS devices. Early adopters of Android phones could experience the best mobile casinos at the time even before this concept was fully born.

With time the number of users who accessed the casino website from their mobile Android devices grew and the casinos and game developers started to take notice. The software providers decided to redesign their games by using the HTML5 protocol. This meant that the games would run perfectly on all mobile devices and that they would adapt to the users’ screen perfectly. This meant that users could now freely play casino games from their mobile devices, thus giving birth to the mobile casino concept.

Android apps for mobile casinos

Once the mobile casino was born it was time to take matters one step further. Many of the most reputable online casinos in the world decided to focus on their mobile users. So they created their own mobile casino apps and posted them on Play Store. Nowadays, you can simply dip into your pocket and play all sorts of games on your Android phone.

This allowed the user to easily download and install the mobile casino app on their mobile device. With the mobile casino app, the user could easily log into his player account with one swipe of the finger and start playing. The apps were fully optimized to run smoothly on all Android devices and to allow the user to easily access all of the casino features.

Players could now easily make deposits and withdrawals, play all of the games the casino has to offer and even get in touch with their support team. But one of the biggest advantages in the mobile casino sector comes from the live casino games. Situs Judi Online casino site is a good choice for playing on mobile.

Live casino on Android devices

Live casino games were first excluded from the mobile casino concept. The technology still wasn’t available to do live streams from the tables to the player’s mobile screen. But this problem was overcome with another simple solution.

The game designers came up with an ingenious multi-cam feature, which allowed the user to easily monitor everything that was happening on the table. So today you can easily play Roulette or Blackjack on your mobile device. All you need to do is access the casino from your Android device and log into your player account. From there on you can easily access the tables and play any game you like.

Why is Android the perfect operating system for mobile casinos?

Mobile casinos on Android are now arguably the most common way to play for money online. Most of the users who access the casino from their mobile device are Android users. So the casino benefits from catering to the needs of Android users. If a user can access all of the features of the casino without any glitch the chances are that he will create an account and become a regular player at the casino. Today close to half of the monetary transactions at online casinos are done via mobile, so it’s no wonder why this industry is so focused on mobile play.

Compatibility with different versions of Android

What’s interesting about online casinos is that they are compatible even with older versions of Android. So if you’re using the latest Android 10 version you will have no problems accessing the casino. But this will also be the case with older mobile devices and operating systems like Lollipop or KitKat. The only problem can come from the device itself. It will probably take a longer time for the system to load up and for you to access the casino. This will also be the case in navigating through the casino.

On the plus side, once you start playing a game it will run smoothly and you shouldn’t have any problems playing. In short, you can still hold on to your old mobile device to play at an online casino until you do some Black Friday shopping and upgrade!


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