Xiaomi Mijia Double-Port Cooker officially Debuted For Just $137.99


Mijia has launched many smart home appliances, bringing a smarter life to consumers. On December 14, Mijia released the brand new “Xiaomi Mijia Double-Port Cooker” again. According to the official statement, this product can become our “all-round mobile kitchenette “, which can be fried, roasted, boiled, and stewed.

It is understood that the Mijia double-port induction cooker adopts independent temperature control on both sides, and the cooking and stewing are correct, which can greatly improve our cooking efficiency. In addition, this induction cooker also supports “big pan mode” and “induction cooker mode”, we can directly fry food through the pan, or use it as a daily use induction cooker product.

The Mijia double-port induction cooker supports dual measurement and independent temperature control, with 2200W high firepower and 100-level precision fire control. In addition, the official also provided us with a large 63cm bakeware, which can facilitate us to bake food at the same time and further improve the efficiency of cooking.

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According to official information, the Xiaomi Mijia Double-Port Cooker is crowdfunding 899 yuan, and the retail price of the product is 999 yuan. The product will officially start crowdfunding at 10 am on December 16.


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