Xiaomi Sawadika Steam-Electric Mop S260 Launched On Youpin


Today, Xiaomi Youpin has put on the shelves a Sawadika Steam-Electric Mop S260, which has the selling points of 3kg lightweight body, sterilization and mite removal, high-frequency floor wiping.

In detail, Xiaomi Sawadika Steam-Electric Mop S260 faced with a 260x210x1,130mm Mop and 3 kilograms of weight, whose cleaning system is based on water vapor. Thanks to its high temperature and its frequency of vibration, it is capable of removing any trace of dirt from the floor of our home.

And, being an electric mop or mop, it has a high-frequency system of up to 1,000 beats per minute that is combined with a hot steam system. The latter reaches 100ºC, facilitating the removal of dirt.

In addition, thanks to its hot steam system, it is capable of eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and germs present in our home. A way to not only clean but also disinfect and sterilize our home.

For the rest, this new sawadika steam-electric mop S260 has a 270ml water tank, a 6.5-meter long cable, and an extendable stick capable of rotating 270º in order to reach any corner.

At the moment, Sawadika Steam-Electric Mop S260 is only sold on Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform at the price of 499 yuan (about $76). Although from January next year, it is very likely that we will see it on other sales channels.

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