Xiaomi Youpin Online High Speed Hair Dryer Officially Released at 449 yuan, $68


Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding launched high-speed hair dryer, this hair dryer has 110,000 RPM high-speed motor and NTC intelligent constant temperature hair care algorithm, it can dry in low temperature and quickly, smooth the rough hair protection, the crowdfunding price is only 449 yuan, $68.

This dryer is equipped with the ROTOR EVO II second generation high-speed brushless motor, with the maximum rotating speed up to 110,000 RPM and the extraction speed up to 60m/s, 3 times that of the ordinary dryer. This means that hair dryers can dry wet hair at lower temperatures and faster speeds. And the wind speed is higher, the dryer will be better shaping effect.

To accurately control the temperature, the hair dryer uses a glass bead temperature sensor that measures the temperature 100 times per second. Once the temperature is too high, the wind temperature will be adjusted in real time and stabilized at about 57°C without harming hair. To prevent the scalp from overheating, there is also an automatic alternate between hot and cold air to better protect the scalp while blowing on the roots.

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In addition, Youpin Online High Speed Hair Dryer uses a brushless motor to reduce noise and not disturb others. It also includes anion smoothing fluidity, anti-suction hair tuyere, polygonal design and other characteristics.


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