Xiaomi’s Smartmi Launches a New Humidifier With 199 Yuan ($28.95) Pricing In China


Smartmi is best known as the manufacturer behind Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier line as well as the more recent Air Conditioner and a Smart Humidifier. Today, the company unveiled another Smart Humidifier, which has been on the shelves of Xiaomi Youpin Mall, with a price of 249 yuan (about $36.22), and a new experience price is 199 yuan (equal to $28.95) from 10 Dec to 12 Dec.

The Smartmi humidifier uses a high-frequency atomizing sheet. The 2.4MHz vibration frequency breaks up the water into micron-sized particles, and the fine mist formed is diffuse and rapidly evaporates, deeply moisturizing the indoor environment.

It also features a new fan that is more powerful and optimizes the wind path structure, further reducing wind loss. The atomized particles are squeezed and pushed in the sealed passage, and are sprayed vertically to the air spread out, and quickly volatilize before landing, soaking the entire room.

In addition, in order to prevent the water droplets formed by condensation of water vapor on the smooth surface from being blown out, the Smartmi’s new humidifier adopts a sanding process on the inner wall of the guiding mist passage, and at the same time, an intercepting baffle is added at the air outlet of the passage to reduce the possibility that the water bead is blown out.

In the water injection method, it adopts the water injection design, and the clean water at hand can be added easily, which is more convenient. Built-in 2.25L large-capacity water tank, rated humidification capacity of 200mL / h, even if the opening of the fog volume of 3 files, can maintain 8 hours of continuous moisture.

In terms of energy consumption, the power of the Smartmi’s new humidifier is 24W. When it is always on, it will not reach 1 degree in 2 days. Provide 3-speed fog speed, 38dBA mute. In addition, the Smartmi humidifier has a built-in water level monitoring and anti-dry sensor to support automatic water-free power-off and is safer.

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