How To Record Your Singing For Youtube


Do you have a passion for music and you want to record that first song and get it out there? Congrats on your big decision as many people are yet to explore their talents. However, getting a platform that you will make you known out there has always been a challenge for many people.

You may not have a big budget for your song but that does not mean that you cannot explore your singing talent. YouTube is one of the biggest video hosting platforms as it registers 1 billion watch hours every day. The following are some of the tips to record your song for YouTube:

Work on your vocals

There are millions of people who can sing out there. It thus means that you should find a style and something unique to stand out from the crowd. You do not want to end up just like any other musician who has posted some music on YouTube. The secret is ensuring that you understand your stuff and give it your best.

The first thing you need is to choose your music genre. You can decide to go old school or get a modern touch for music. You can then join a music school or even self-train at home using online resources. Start with what you have and then focus on growth. Do not expect to be an overnight star but trust the process and give it your best shot. You can have someone review your work and point out the areas that need improvement.

Set the recording environment

What happens when you come across YouTube videos with a lot of noise in the background or poor lighting? You will most likely click on the next video as you want something that passes the message. The quality of the video depends on the setting that you create. Most people prefer to shoot their videos indoors. On the other hand, some also shoot amazing videos outdoors.

If you prefer the former route, ensure that your room is well-lit and there is no noise distraction. You can even add artificial lighting to make your videos clear. Ensure that you set the right background that will make it easy to display the message. The outer space can also work well as long as you do the right timing. It is inadvisable to take your shots during the rainy or windy season. You can record demos and evaluate the setting before you embark on the real shoot.

Get your recording equipment

Having the right vocals is not all that you need to record and post that video on YouTube. The pieces of equipment that you use have a direct impact on the quality of the video that you produce. You need a good tool to record your videos. You can start small and record using your smartphone as long as you know how to balance lighting.

The quality of the audio device is something you should not compromise on. The first thing you need to get is a harmonizer pedal for vocals. Such tools come in different designs and you must select one that suits your needs. The beauty of most of the recording tools is that you do not need to be a techie to operate them. Be ready to experiment with such tools until you master them.

Understand how YouTube works

The first thing you need to do is understand is YouTube’s terms of service before you upload your video. Be guided on the nature of content that you can post, the video formats, and how to make your content discoverable. Failure to follow some of the guidelines may make your channel suspended or even banned from the platform. Learn how to use hashtags, keywords, and descriptions to increase the discoverability of your video.

You may not monetize your first video as you must meet the minimum requirements set out by YouTube. Push your videos out there using other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also bank on paid promotions to take your videos out there. Using influencers is also another option that is helping people reach new heights on social media. Ensure that you are on the lookout for the latest trends in this space as well.

Recording your first song and posting it on YouTube does not have to be hard when you follow the above tips. However, you should not stop after recording and uploading the video as you have to push it out there and reach the target audience. Invest in learning how to improve your singing game.


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