Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dishwasher S1 15 in 1 set Officially Released at 3,199 yuan, $492


On May 20, Xiaomi rolled out mijia  intelligence alone inlay two dishwashers 15 S1, open to sale price 3499 yuan, $538, first come to hand price 3199 yuan, $492.

The new product has the characteristics of intelligent open wash drying, 4-dimensional spray cleaning, 99.99%UV deep sterilization, dual-drive BLDC frequency conversion motor and so on.

S1 supports intelligent opening and closing drying, automatic door opening, speed up steam discharge, quick drying. Automatic closing after drying, effectively blocking secondary pollution.

Four spray, 27 strong high temperature and high pressure water column, 720° all-round strong scouring, deep cleaning heavy oil and heavy scale, tableware bright and clean.

It can also detect oil stains intelligently, detect optical water quality with AI intelligent algorithm, judge the degree of dirt in 10 seconds, automatically match the best washing program, and adjust washing time intelligently.

After washing, using multiple strong drying combination, drying time can be saved by 40%. Residual temperature condensation, PTC80°C hot air with automatic opening and closing door to promote heat exchange, combination to improve the drying efficiency, strengthen the drying effect.

UV UV bacteriostasis, hot air ventilation every 8 hours, to achieve 7 days of long-term bacteriostasis, lasting storage is still dry clean.

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Mijia Smart Dishwasher S1 supports adjustable height of 765-820mm, which can be embedded or placed independently.


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