TheWiSpy – An Advanced Cell Phone Spy App Review 2020


Technology has accelerated so many tasks that now it is impossible to live without it. One of the greatest triumphs of the tech-world is the development of cell phone spy apps.

The demand for mobile phone spyware is increasing every day. Using mobile spy software helps you monitor the digital activities of someone and saves you from spending loads of money on paying detectives and secret agents.

If you look around the digital market to find the best cell phone spy app, you’ll find plenty of options. To relieve you from confusion, we are going to discuss TheWiSpy mobile monitoring app and its advanced spying functionality.

What is TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy is a cell phone spy app that allows remote phone spying without any hassle. This mobile monitoring solution enables parents to keep eyes on their kids regardless of the physical location. TheWiSpy allows online and offline mobile surveillance with advanced quality cell phone monitoring. The app also offers corporate spying solutions so that businesses can monitor the cell phones of their employees. With TheWiSpy, you are only a few tabs away from the digital space of your target device.

What Can You Do with TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy mobile monitoring app offers comprehensive phone spying features to ensure the security of children and businesses. This cell phone spy app is license-based and approved for parental and corporate use.

Here are top cell phone monitoring solutions offered by TheWiSpy:

  • Android Monitoring
  • Kid’s Monitoring
  • Employee Surveillance
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Parental Controls

Let’s see what people can do with TheWiSpy smartphone monitor:

  •      Android Monitoring:

TheWiSpy offers advanced employee monitoring which enables you to keep eyes on your target Android devices. Using TheWiSpy, you will have access to all online as well as offline activities of the Android devices of your kids, employees, or loved ones.

  •      Kid’s Monitoring:

Parents usually get worried regarding the security of their kids in the outside world. TheWiSpy enables parents to remotely track location and monitor other digital and physical activities of teens and tweens.

  •      Employee Surveillance:

TheWiSpy offers corporate or business surveillance solution so that companies can spy on the cell phones of their employees. This employee monitoring app allows managers to spy on the digital activities of their staff via an online web portal. From call recordings to social media spying, TheWiSpy does it all.

  •      Track Mobile Devices:

From tracking the location of mobile devices to monitoring digital activities, TheWiSpy is an ultimate solution. With its phone tracking solution, you can trace the location of the smart devices of your kids, employees, or loved ones. TheWiSpy enables you to track location history with active pinpoints remotely and efficiently.

  •      Parental Controls:

We often look for tools to limit the screen usage of our kids. Well, TheWiSpy has a solution for this misery too. Now, you can control the smart devices of tweens and teens with TheWiSpy remote control solution.

With all these advanced phone monitoring solutions, it is evident that TheWiSpy is a power-packed app to enhance your mobile surveillance experience.

Key Features of TheWiSpy:

Mobile phone spyware is nothing for people if they don’t know how it works. That’s why we are going to discuss the power features of TheWiSpy so people can understand this cell phone monitor in a better way.

Here is a list of top mobile spying features of TheWiSpy:

  • Monitor Call Logs & Contacts
  • Listen to Call Recordings
  • Monitor Live Screen Recordings
  • Read SMS & IMs Chats
  • Track GPS Location
  • Geofence Prohibited Zones
  • Monitor Social Media Activities
  • Spy on Web Browsing History
  • Track Emails
  • Listen to Surround Recordings
  • Access Multimedia
  • Block Inappropriate Webs & Apps
  • Remotely Control the Target Device
  •      Monitor Call Logs & Contacts:

With TheWiSpy phone monitor, you can view call logs and contacts. The app helps you find out date and timestamps of dialled and received calls and lets you monitor all the saved and unsaved numbers from call logs history. By keeping track of frequent callers and call duration, you can find important contacts of your kids and employees.

  •      Listen to Call Recording:

Using TheWiSpy app, you can listen to all the incoming and outgoing call recordings without having the possession of your target phone. Not only this, but you can also track the contact details along with dialled, received, missed, and rejected calls. Conclusively, TheWiSpy enables you to listen to every verbal communication with advanced call tracking.

  •      Monitor Live Screen Recordings:

TheWiSpy screen recording enables you to monitor the screen usage time of the smart devices of your kids and employees. You can track the digital activities and view time spent on your target phone remotely.

  •      Read SMS & IMs Chats:

Spying on text messages help you find out what your kids or employee talk about via text messages. TheWiSpy SMS tracking helps you read all the text conversation of your target phone; including messages of mobile inbox, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. With TheWiSpy, every text message is accessible.

  •      Track GPS Location:                          

You can track the GPS location of your child’s or employee’s smart device using TheWiSpy’s location tracking. The app allows you to monitor active pinpoints and trace location history anytime you want. You can find the most visited places and monitor date and timestamps without any suspicion. If you think your child is alone outside, then you may install TheWiSpy phone tracker to know the whereabouts of your kids.

  •      GeoFence Prohibited Zones:

Geofencing is an ultimate way to make sure your child is at a safe locality. TheWiSpy allows parents to limit prohibited zones by creating a digital boundary using maps. Well, employers can also get benefit from geofencing by creating boundaries around work zones and bars etc. on the company-owned phones. TheWiSpy geofencing instantly notifies you whenever your target device enters the prohibited area. Interestingly, you can also digitally mark safe and danger zones on the map for the protection of your children.

  •      Monitor Social Media Activities:

TheWiSpy social media monitoring lets you keep tabs on the social media activities of your target device owner. You can monitor the online social space of your teens, employees, or loved ones, and find out their online activities remotely.

  •      Spy on Web Browsing History:

TheWiSpy accelerates digital monitoring and provides you with efficient spying  that can track the overall browsing history of your target device. By tracking browsing history, you can explore what type of content your child or employee searches on the internet. TheWiSpy web browsing history monitoring enables you to find out if your teen search for adult content or inappropriate sites or not.

  •      Track Emails:

If you are looking for a solution to track emails, TheWiSpy is your savior. We all know that email monitoring is a must to protect your corporate information. TheWiSpy helps enterprises to monitor emails without much hassle. Managers can remotely access and read all the work emails that help them spy on sent and received emails, attached files, and email contacts.

  •      Listen to Surround Recordings:

TheWiSpy cell phone spying never stopped to amaze us. One of the advanced features of TheWiSpy app is surround recording. You can hear the surround noises of your child’s smart device even if you are not physically around.

  •      Access Multimedia:

Using TheWiSpy app, you can access the multimedia of your target phone. TheWiSpy enables you to view images, watch videos, listen to audios, and monitor other files saved in the smartphone of your teens or employees.

  •      Block Inappropriate Webs and Apps:

One of the top demanding features of TheWiSpy is web and app blocking. You can block websites and apps that seem inappropriate for your child or employee usage. For instance, with TheWiSpy parents can block adult or dating webs and apps from the mobile devices of their teens. Similarly, employers can block social media and entertainment sites and webs to increase the productivity of their staff.

  •      Remotely Control the Target Device:

The thing that makes mobile spy apps the best is remote controls. TheWiSpy allows you to remotely send commands to your target device. For example, you can block inappropriate apps and webs from smart devices of your children or work phones. TheWiSpy cell phone tracker helps you to remotely manage and control the operations of your target device.

Packages of TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy offers three pricing packages names as basic, pro, and ultimate plans.

Let’s see each exclusively and discover the prices:

  •      TheWiSpy Basic Pricing Plan:

1-month subscription = $29.99/month

3-months subscription = $16.66/month ($49.99 per subscription)

6-months subscription = $15.00/ month ($89.99 per subscription)

  •      TheWiSpy Pro Pricing Plan:

1-month subscription = $39.99/month

3-months subscription = $23.33/month ($69.99 per subscription)

6-months subscription = $16.66/month ($99.99 per subscription)

  •      TheWiSpy Ultimate Pricing Plan:

1-month subscription = $49.99/month

3-months subscription = $26.66/month ($79.99 per subscription)

6-months subscription = $19.99/month ($119.99 per subscription)

Advantages of TheWiSpy Cell Phone Monitoring App:

TheWiSpy mobile surveillance app offers comprehensive smartphone spying features to ensure the security of kids and business.

The following are some advantages of TheWiSpy that makes this app unique from other competitors:

  • TheWiSpy is a premium mobile monitoring app that provides high-tech phone monitoring solutions to parents and enterprises.
  • TheWiSpy offers extensive spying features that make it a complete mobile monitoring package.
  • You can easily set up TheWiSpy app in your child’s or employee’s phone. The installation process is simple, as you don’t need to be a tech-savvy to set up this app.
  • TheWiSpy is safe to use. The app has strict data collection and processing policies that ensure the security and protection of personal information.
  • You can spy on hidden mode. TheWiSpy is a non-intrusive app which means that the spyware remains undetectable and functions in complete stealth mode.
  • TheWiSpy offers affordable pricing packages. You can choose basic, pro, or ultimate subscription plan as per your requirement.
  • The interface of TheWiSpy is user-friendly.
  • TheWiSpy is compatible with a range of Android devices.
  • TheWiSpy offers 24/7 customer and technical support that resolve the queries of the clients.

Wrapping Up:

Hope you find this full review of TheWiSpy mobile monitoring app informative. In conclusion, we must say that TheWiSpy offers complete mobile tracking and monitoring to help you keep tabs on both online and offline activities of your target device. Though many of us look for free spying trial but keep in mind that a worthy thing has a price and so does TheWiSpy mobile spying solution.


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