1MORE Aero TWS Earbuds Review: Hybrid ANC With 360° Audio


1MORE launched the new spatial audio noise-cancelling headphones 1MORE Aero TWS Earbuds, which comprehensively enhances the music experience with real-time spatial audio, intelligent hearing balance, and diamond-like sound unit. With the exclusive QuietMax intelligent active noise reduction technology, it provides consumers with “full immersive listening”.

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1MORE Aero headphone body is more slender than ordinary headphones, and the streamlined design is easy to handle. It is made of the same skin-friendly material as the charging compartment, and it is also lightweight.A single ear weighs only 5g, but it is also resistant to collision, so you need to pay more attention when using it.


1MORE Aero adopts Bluetooth 5.2 version, the connection is quite stable and fast,It can be almost automatically connected as soon as the cover of the charging case is opened, and has good compatibility with Hannah’s own laptop, and there will be no intermittent connection.

Sound Style

In terms of sound style, 1MORE Aero is still a relatively distinct pop music tuning, and the sound is characterized by looseness and warmth. The low frequency of the earphone is relatively full and the elasticity is good, the mid-frequency vocal part is slightly thicker, and there is no obvious sibilance when listening to female pop music; the brightness of the high frequency is a bit dim, and the resolution is average, but the sound is still relatively clean. , it will not feel “stuffy” in the sense of hearing.

Noise Reduction

The noise reduction depth of 1MORE Aero can reach up to 42dB, especially if the deep noise reduction mode is selected, the effect is not inferior to the noise reduction TWS of major manufacturers such as Apple and Sony, and it can isolate most environmental noises in commuting scenarios. In addition, the official stated that the noise reduction frequency band of this headset is as wide as 4,000Hz. In addition to suppressing daily commuting noise, vocal noise has also been effectively suppressed. In terms of actual experience, 1MORE Aero will not feel dizzy after wearing it for a period of time, and the noise reduction effect is very comfortable.


1MORE Aero also provides ANC dynamic noise reduction this time. After opening, it can automatically adjust the noise reduction amount according to the external environmental noise. Users can also manually adjust it in the App, which is very flexible to use. In addition, the anti-wind noise mode is very practical, it will have a good blessing for outdoor use, and can effectively reduce the interference of wind noise.


1MORE Aero is equipped with a total of 6 microphones on the left and right ears, and integrates DNN deep neural network computing technology, which can intelligently eliminate environmental noise by up to 30dB*. The call is not afraid of wind noise interference, so that the other party can also feel the most authentic expression.


Finally, let’s talk about the battery life. The 1MORE Aero can be fully charged once, and the comprehensive battery life can reach 28 hours, and the single earphone can also listen to songs for 7 hours (ANC is turned off). The charging box supports Qi wireless charging, bringing users a more convenient charging experience. In addition, the headset also supports fast charging, charging for 15 minutes and listening to songs for 3 hours. The time to pack up or have a cup of coffee before going out can solve battery life anxiety.

Verdict & Buy

If you only look at the core, expansion, sound and active noise reduction, 1MORE Aero is also a T0-level existence. It can challenge the flagship TWS products of mobile phone manufacturers at a higher price. After adding global spatial audio, the experience will be improved to a new level. In terms of dimensions, whether listening to songs or watching movies, you can experience a better sense of presence, and the price of 5xx is extremely “not about martial arts”, and it is almost “rolled” with its own flagship.

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