3D Renderings of Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra Flagship Phone Leaked More


According to former officials, Xiaomi and Leica have agreed on a strategic partnership, and their first product will debut in July. It should be no surprise that this will be the mi 12 Ultra, the long-rumored extra-large flagship. As the release time approaches, the outside world has become more intense revelations, especially the appearance and image of the upgrade has become the focus of attention. Now there is the latest news, after the appearance of the rendering, recently some foreign media further published the purported conceptual rendering of the machine, looks very close to the real machine.

According to TechDroider’s latest rendering, the new Mi 12 Ultra will feature a perforated front screen and a slightly curved one, which is a common feature on flagship phones. On the back, there will be a large rear camera module that covers almost half of the back and has multiple holes for at least three cameras. In addition to the oversized main base and ultra-wide angle lens, there will be a submersible telephoto lens. In addition, the most eye-catching feature on the camera module is the Leica logo in the upper right corner, which is more obvious and recognizable when combined with the white ceramic body.

In other news, the new Mi 12 Ultra will have a flexible OLED display on the front, and is expected to be powered by a new generation of Snapdragon 8 + processor for the first time. Based on TSMC’s 4nm process, mi 12 Ultra will adopt a “1+3+4” three-cluster architecture. It’s made up of the ultra-core Cortex X2, large core Cortex A710, and small core Cortex A510, with a 2.99ghz CPU and a slightly upgraded GPU that’s more powerful than the Snapdragon 8. In addition, the camera will also be enhanced in terms of video and fast filling, especially in the video part. The rear camera module uses an exaggerated Oreo design. The main camera is expected to carry 200 megapixels and will be equipped with a liquid lens with an integrated ultra wide Angle and macro lens.

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The new Mi 12 Ultra will be unveiled in July, with some of its core features already in place. Lei jun said the new flagship will enhance Xiaomi’s mobile image capabilities and camera experience, and the price is expected to reach 7,299 yuan. We’ll see more details.


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