70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus A500 Review: 2020 Most Extremely Cost-Effective


The 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus A500 that we are going to evaluate today happens to be a product that supports HDR shooting, and has many powerful functions, such as built-in GPS, which can be used as an electronic dog; it supports ADAS driving assistance and voice Remind the lane deviation and the vehicle in front to start; support parking monitoring and emergency monitoring, and automatically record video when encountering a collision to retain first-hand information. It can be said to be a well-deserved helper for driving.

Design & Appearance

The packaging of the 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus A500 is very simple, with only the product rendering and LOGO printed on the side of the box, and many of its features are written on the side of the box. Take out the main body, the front screen is pasted with a protective film, and the help mark of the button function is printed on it.

The camera adopts a rotating design, which can meet the needs of later adjustment of the angle. The lens is 6-piece glass, which can transmit more light to ensure a night shooting effect. Only two ports are reserved on the side, namely microSD and power supply, so it is obvious that the front and rear dual recording function is not supported.

The accessories in the package include a mounting plate with glue, a cigarette lighter power supply, a crowbar, and a bundle of connecting wires. Third, the picture quality: HDR blessing is not afraid of strong light overexposure, easy to shoot good picture quality.

The CMOS of the 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus A500 is IMX 355, and its maximum video recording resolution is 2592×1944, which is consistent with the native ratio of CMOS 4:3. It has the largest effective pixel utilization when shooting, and can give full play to the performance advantages of CMOS.

Up to 1944P resolution

The resolution of 2592×1944 makes the resolution of recorded video of the 70mai A500 between 1080P and 4K, but it also has a killer feature. Thanks to the larger single-pixel size, the 70-meter smart driving recorder A500 supports HDR video recording, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of overexposure and over darkness, which makes the videos it shoots have better picture quality. HDR function and speed, latitude and longitude display can be set on/off

Real shot comparison

The first is a static comparison. The sun shines directly on the yellow building. For products that do not support HDR, because the exposure of the environment in front of the car should be given priority, the building and the sky are completely overexposed. This is not the case with the A500 that supports HDR, which can ensure proper exposure both in front of and in the distance.

A500’s 4:3 viewing angle

Although the 4:3 frame of the A500 video recording looks a bit narrow, it actually has a wide viewing angle of 140°. Compared with those 16:9 videos, it is a product of cropping the upper and lower parts of the picture, and the angle of view can still cover multiple lanes.

In terms of the resolution of the recorded video, the resolution of 1944P can clearly record the license plate numbers that are one body length apart.

When recording at night, the effect of HDR is mainly reflected in the shooting of the surrounding environment. Devices that do not support HDR are prone to overexposure when encountering high-light lamps, light signs, etc., and cannot obtain information such as the name of the surrounding store, while devices that support HDR will not encounter this situation.


In addition to the excellent picture quality of HDR video recording, the 70-meter smart driving recorder A500 has several features worth mentioning.

In addition to driving video, A500 can also provide drivers with two auxiliary functions when driving-electronic dog and ADAS driving assistance.

The realization of the electronic dog function is mainly due to the support of the built-in GPS of the body. Provide location information during operation, and compare it with the massive information stored locally, you can realize the perception and reminder of street illegal photography and speed limit speed measurement.

The ADAS driving assistance mainly uses the image information collected by the driving recorder to calibrate the preceding vehicle and lane while driving and provide reminders of lane deviation and the start of the preceding vehicle.

When this function is enabled, it will prompt to calibrate the camera to align the horizon and the front view of the car. It can also be seen that the realization of this function is mainly due to the image recognition technology, which calibrates the front vehicle and lane information by identifying the video content. In actual use, whether it is an electronic dog or ADAS assistance, it will remind the driver by voice to help the driver concentrate.

Not only will voice reminders, but the A500 also supports voice control functions. The currently supported commands are relatively simple, and you can remotely take pictures, video, and switch the screen through voice, eliminating the need for manual control.

When encountering an emergency or parking, the A500 can use the gravity sensor to detect emergencies and automatically start the video recording function. The sensitivity of this function can be adjusted in the settings. You can even turn on the time-lapse photography function. After turning it on, the A500 will record 1 frame per second, saving space and playing time to complete long-term recording.

A500 also supports local hotspots to connect to mobile phones. After turning it on, you can quickly view locally recorded videos and photos without traffic, and download them to the mobile phone to save.

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With the HDR function, the video quality of 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus A500 can be described as an immediate improvement compared to other products. The most common overexposed area of ​​the driving recorder is undoubtedly the sky and tall buildings above the road, and the A500 can accurately restore the color and details of the sky and tall buildings, while the quality and brightness of the road imaging have not changed, although there is no 4K level Ultra-high resolution, the sharpness under 1944P is also sufficient, and it can accurately record the beauty of the street at night, and will not record the overexposed and dazzling lights.

In terms of functions, both the number of supported functions and the actual experience of the A500 are very similar to flagship products, and it can be said that there is almost no difference.

With the help of built-in GPS, the tips of the electronic dog are very timely and in place. ADAS driving assistance can also sensitively detect the deviation of the lane and the change of the vehicle in front. With voice control and mobile phone connection, it makes daily use more convenient.

Support for HDR video recording with the built-in GPS, electronic dogs, ADAS driving assistance, parking monitoring, and many other features, 70 Mai A500 powerful no doubt, but its price is a surprise, during the two-eleven only You can get it for 319 yuan, and a 32G memory card will be given as a gift. It can be said that the comprehensive picture quality and functional experience, it is undoubtedly the most cost-effective choice.


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