Abir G20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Offered at $171.60 [Super Sale]


Abir G20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner According to the manufacturer, this device has everything you need for high-quality cleaning of the apartment. It is possible to control both through a mobile application and remote control. The average device cost is 12,500 rubles, which is very cheap for robotic vacuum cleaners. Whether this device is so good, as the manufacturer claims, we will analyze further.

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The robot is made as a black “pill” with a glossy cap, which instantly attracts dust, so perfectionists should keep a damp cloth handy. Dimensions are small 330 x 330 x 76 mm. On top, there are mechanical buttons for turning on and returning home, as well as a Wi-Fi indicator. The buttons are provided with a color indication, which can be used to determine the operating status of the robot. A soft-touch C-shaped bumper covers the front side of the case. IR sensors are hidden under tinted glass. A rubber pad runs along the bottom of the bumper, softening collisions with furniture.

Water Tank

There is a spare socket for the adapter and a power switch. A combined container with a 300 ml dust collector and a 350 ml tank is inserted into the case at the back—triple filtration system: mesh, foam, and HEPA filter.


Abir G20S owns positioning technology and an RSCI processor, combined with navigation, sensing, mapping, and hardware acceleration technology. Altogether, the robot can locate obstacles and furniture in the room more accurately. The suction power of the G20S is up to 6000Pa, which can suck up all kinds of garbage, dirt, hair, food particles, and bedbugs. You can also choose from 3 modes: Silent Mode 2000Pa suction, Standard Mode 4000Pa suction, and Max Mode 6000Pa suction.


ABIR G20S vacuum cleaner robot can connect to the control App on the phone, making it easy for you to operate the machine. The functions on the App are also extremely diverse: select cleaning mode, schedule cleaning, adjust suction power, choose the water level used when cleaning the house, etc. In addition to control by App, you can also give commands by voice through a powered device such as Google Home speaker, Alexa, Yandex Alice, etc.


ABIR G20S can work up to 120 minutes at normal suction. It will automatically return to the charging dock when the job is done, or the battery is low. If the G20S is in progress and is forced to return to the charging dock because the battery is low, after fully charged, it will return to where it stopped and continue to finish the job.

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Verdict To Buy

Abir G20S is an inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner that can be ordered on AliExpress. In terms of dry cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is not bad, but the quality of wet cleaning is extremely low. Gyro navigation also leaves much to be desired. On a super sale, you can grab it now on AliExpress for Just $171.60. Click the following button to order now:

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