ADO Z20C Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike at $1159.99 From Gearbest


Finding a way to get around town and stay active can be tough. But the ADO Z20C Folding Electric Bike is tougher. Reinforced with premium craftsmanship, a powerful motor, upgraded fold-and-lock mechanism, and a long-lasting removable battery, the ADO Z20C takes your everyday commute from tedious to terrific. More fun. Less hassle. In other words — better.

Buy ADO Z20C Folding Electric Bike From Gearbest


ADO Z20C Folding Electric Bike uses aluminium alloy 6061 lightweight frames, durable to use and not easy to rust. The electric bike is trifold and can be easily put into the trunk. It can be carried in and out of the elevator, and stored as you like, showing the static mechanical art. The HD LCD display is convenient to control, it can monitor data in real-time. 3 gears switch between 3 riding modes. It can display clearly in the sunlight. As the brain of the bike.

ADO Z20C Folding Electric Bike comes with a smart vector control system, which can maintain the interconnection with multiple parts all over the body, and detect, collect, analyze vehicle information and feedback data in real-time through the high-definition LCD display, accurately control the kinetic energy response, and save more electricity that brings you an extraordinary experience. Sensitive and durable front and rear dual disc brakes offer you a sensitive operating feel, the braking force is easy to control, and the riding road is flexible to ride. The 20 x 4.0 snow tires are anti-skid and thick that provides a more stable grip.

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The ADO Z20 folding electric bike comes with a 350W high-efficiency brushless motor; Shimano 7-speed transmission system + Shimano 310 rear derailleur – change the riding transmission; by adjusting the size of the fluted disc, bringing a sense of smart and agile control. The BMS intelligent battery management system, as the safety guarantee of the battery, it can not only intelligently monitor, manage and maintain each unit of the battery, but also can automatically distribute the load when the battery is low in this basic dual function, and automatically power off after fully charged.

All-round cares for battery safety and provides you with stable power. Worried about staying juiced for extended commutes? Don’t be! Grab an extra battery and carry it with you as a backup. You can swap out the depleted battery with a fresh one whenever you need to keep the adventure going. The ADO Z20 folding electric bike battery can charge when it’s attached to or separated from the bike. And the quick-charge UL-compliant battery tops off fully in 4-5 hours.


If you’re looking for a folding e-bike for short commutes, this ADO Z20C Folding Electric Bike is an excellent option. Leave behind the problem of traffic jam, the crowded bus, enjoy the city scenery On the way to work, on the way out or in your spare time, every moment gives you freedom and happiness. We can buy it from Gearbest $1159.99 in Flash Sale.

Buy ADO Z20C Folding Electric Bike From Gearbest


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