AiDot launches 18-month Cloud Service Package with Data Analysis


Hey there, are you one of those people who always feel as if someone is staring at your house? If yes, then just let me introduce you to a truly amazing AiDot 18-months Cloud Service. This Cloud service was recently launched by a company named AiDot. AiDot launched an 18-month Cloud service package that offers 24*7 consumer monitoring, including home monitoring and pet sitting, as well as tracking, pet detection, package tracking, and vehicle tracking. . The service helps users better understand family activities and pet behavior through data analysis panels.

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Security has always been crucial for everyone, no matter who you are. Everyone always has some valuable stuff in their homes, and we don’t want it to be stolen. That is why we use security services like webcams, security alarms, etc. Keeping this thing in mind, AiDot Company launched its cloud service.

Product Name

AiDot 18-Month Cloud Service

Company Name

What you get

2K WiFi Camera With 2-Way Audio




Parents always know their children’s favorite activities and favorite toys, but when parents are away from their children, they want to do more to protect them from unwanted danger zones. (Dangerous areas for small children such as medicine cabinets, garages, stairs, and laundry rooms). Using the AiDot Cloud service, parents can set up a hotspot for their family. Users can see camera statistics in different rooms in the APP, and know which rooms pets and children like to play in. AiDot can also understand the lifestyle and daily needs of the elderly through statistical analysis in the APP.

Pet owners always want to know where their pets like to study or relax, and where they usually eat and drink, but it takes a lot of time to observe and collect. Now pet parents can use the pet management feature of the AiDot app’s cloud service to track their pet’s activities and learn their daily diet so that they can be fed on time. With AiDot’s smart analysis service, users can track the frequency and duration of activities of family members and pets. Track family members’ daily routines to help resolve issues faster.

Features of AiDot 18-Month Cloud Service

With 18 months of cloud storage, this brand also provides many more different types of gadgets.

  1. AiDot Application

You can download the official application from the play store or the app store. After downloading the application, now connect that to your household camera. Now you can access the footage of your camera from wherever you want.

  1. All-Day Monitoring System

You can make a view of your house from your phone through the camera and monitor your whole house while you are away. If there is any unusual activity happens, then an alert notification will be sent to your phone, no matter where you are.

  1. AI Powerful Detections

This is one of the most amazing features called AI detection. At present, this feature is only in one of the very few security systems. This feature will help you to identify what comes in front of the camera. Pet detection, package detection, vehicle detection, human detection, and more It can distinguish between individuals, pets, packages, and automobiles thanks to a sophisticated AI algorithm.

  1. a) Human Detection:

In this feature, the camera specifically analyses the human body the way it is and also monitors its movement.

  1. b) Pet Detection:

In this feature, the camera monitors the movements and tells whether it is a pet or a human.

  1. c) Package Detection:

Whenever a package is delivered to your home in your absence, this system automatically detects and sends you a notification alert.

  1. d) Vehicle Detection:

This system will notify you whenever any unknown vehicle stands outside your home. With that, it will also notify you if your vehicle is not in its place.

  1. Data Analysis & Pet Sitting Feature

This camera also has the feature of Data Analysis, which will help you analyze and monitor your space’s current situation. With this help, your camera suddenly sends an alert notification to your AiDot Application whenever an unusual activity happens.

It also has a special detection feature for pets. In this feature, the camera completely analyses your pet’s activities and makes data about it. Then whenever you pet work against that data then, you instantly receive a notification regarding this. This will help you to make a check on your pet’s health while you are away.

  1. Home Monitoring

As we discussed above that this system monitors your whole house 24×7. With all of that, it also has the feature of monitoring babies. It regularly monitors all the activities of your baby. A push message will be sent to remind you to check the situation at home if no one is detected for a while near the baby.

  1. 24 Hours Live Stream Feature

From now on, keep stress-free whenever you go outside because this camera also comes with 24 hours live stream feature. This feature will monitor your house regularly and show a live preview of your space. So that you can also take a look at what’s happening in your house.

  1. Data Analysis

This feature creates a better understanding between you and your family by recording and maintaining all the data recorded in the camera. Not just in the form of a video but also in the form of proper presentable data.

  1. Rich Notification

As we discussed above, this system makes you completely well notified of what is happening in your house. The camera monitors your house 24×7, and whenever any unusual activity happens, it will suddenly send an alert notification to your phone.

  1. 2K WiFi Camera with Night Vision

There are many cameras in the market, but no matter whichever you select, there will surely be some kind of miss in that camera. But talking about the AiDot camera with all the above features, this camera also has the capability of shooting in 2K resolution and, combined with Night vision, will give you a completely secure experience.

4 Easy Steps to Connect the Camera

  1. Take your camera, power it on, and sign in to the AiDot app on your phone.
  2. Then tap the “+” button on the top right corner of the app, then choose “Add device,” and then choose “Nearby device.”
  3. Connect it with the Wifi.
  4. Then your device will be added successfully.

Price & Availability

All the company’s products will be shipped to you from the company’s local warehouse. For more queries, you can go to their website.

Product Name

Original Price

History Low Price

AiDot 18-Month Cloud Service


$35.29 (Super early bird price)


Wrapping Up

Now there is no need for you to stay tensed because with the help of a truly amazing AiDot 18-months Cloud Servicenow can easily go wherever you want without getting tensed about your house. According to AiDot, many people still feel like smart homes and lives are out of reach. In a future world that goes beyond the “smart” stage, every person and every home will profit from technological breakthroughs.

About AiDot

AiDot believes that we can add more value to the word “eco” in terms of eco-systems and eco-lifestyle. AiDot app is connected to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit, Conrad, and Smartthings. It is fully compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Apple Home Pod, and other voice assistants, and it also works with 20 other major smart home devices from partners.

Working with AiDot (WWA) is a symbol of brand and category connectivity. Brands joining the AiDot ecosystem include Linkedin, OREiN, Winees, Hyderson, Syvio, GoGonova, Ganiza, and more. including smart device brands such as With AiDot, users can easily control any product with just one application. All products in the AiDot ecosystem are designed to help users build a sustainable world.

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