ALD XPLLO POD KIT Review – Comes with Pre-Filled Cartridges


Today we will look at another device from ALD Group – the ALD XPLLO pod Kit, which can work both with refilled liquid and ready for use, and with empty cartridges. We tried a series of flavors with pre-filled cartridges for the XPLLO POD system from ALD. The palette of tastes includes twelve combinations, and the device itself boasts outstanding characteristics.

Characteristics of ALD XPLLO

  • Dimensions: 116*222*12mm
  • Materials: aluminum alloy and PCTG
  • Weight: 34g
  • Cartridge capacity: 2.0ml
  • Battery: built-in 580 mAh
  • Coils: 1.7ohm pre
  • -filled (closed) XPLLO Pod iCot Cotton refillable 0.9ohm
  • XPLLO Pod iCot Mesh Coil
  • Output power: 7.5W @ 1.7Ω 11/13/15W (adjustable) @0.9Ω
  • Charging: USB Type-C
  • Housing colors: Black, Grey, Green, Black Red, Green Gold


The kit comes with plastic packaging, which helps to protect the device during transportation and storage. No box is included in the packaging. The XPLLO device came to me in transparent plastic packaging with 2x Pre-filled ( Menthol and Peach Ice) cartridges for testing. These cartridges are made of high-quality plastic and are designed to hold e-liquid, which is then vaporized by the device.


Devices called XPLLO have the already familiar, one might say, classic shape of an elongated and flattened stick. There is a cartridge on top, through the plastic of which the liquid level is visible. Perhaps the only thing that allows you to externally distinguish the pod system from various Juul, MYLE, and myblu is the presence of a button in the center and a large ALD logo on the front of the case. It is the button and the “dual control” – the operation of the electronics from both the Fire and the puff sensor – that makes the device closer to advanced analogs. Moreover, almost twice the capacity of the battery.

Due to its shape, the device fits easily into any pocket and looks quite appropriate in both male and female hands. And thanks to the puff sensor, it will not take long to get used to, even for a smoker looking for a replacement for smelly cigarettes. The case of the device is made of aluminum alloy and is pleasantly heavy on the hand, it will not get lost in a pocket or purse, but at the same time, 34 g will not pull clothes too hard. And what is absolutely priceless, you can easily hold the device with two fingers, like a regular cigarette, and if you wish, even in your teeth without hands.

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Mean names like “black”, “gray”, “green”, “black-red” and “golden-green” and rendering pictures still cannot convey the real appearance of different colors of devices. Looking at the pictures on the manufacturer’s website, it’s hard to imagine that the black has a glossy finish, reminiscent of piano lacquer, and golden green in general with an unusual crystal effect.

The device turned out to be quite thin, all edges, corners, edges, and ends are rounded; they also taper towards the side walls. Despite the fact that the pod is able to stand on a flat surface, its normal position is still horizontal – the area of ​​the bottom edge is very small. The only nuance worth mentioning is the air intake hole located to the right of the button. It is only on one side, which allows you to adjust the tightening torque when using a refillable cartridge (and only it). Yes, in a very small range, but still the difference is felt – from tight to semi-free MTL. And, no, this feint does not work with a refilled cartridge, there is a different air intake design, and when using a 1.7 Ohm changer, this hole is not involved in any way.

Below, on a plastic insert, there is a charging connector, around the port you can find two standard icons. The USB Type-C used here supports a low charging current, which is most likely due to the small capacity of the battery.

Inside the battery compartment is a slot for installing the cartridge. Here you can see the contacts located inside the ring magnets, between them there is a small slot with a ledge where the puff sensor is hidden. The connection between the battery pack and the changer is quite confident, and durable, the cartridge in the device does not hang out and does not fall out from sudden movements. But at the same time, the parts are separated without the slightest problem.

All control of the device is carried out using Fire – a small button on the case. Moreover, in order to drag on the ferry, it is not at all necessary to click on it. The ALD XPLLO has a built-in sensor that detects puffs and applies voltage at exactly the moment you draw air from the device. Although, if you are already unaccustomed to cigarettes and an experienced vaper, then no one forbids doing it “according to the classics” – by pressing a button. Thanks to the button, the device can be completely turned off, for example, to avoid accidental operation at a time when you do not need it at all. This is done by pressing five times, the indicator on the front panel blinks a couple of times and goes out. Exactly the electronics also turn on.

The indicator on the front side is not very bright, it is easily covered with a finger, and in general, it is not very noticeable on a sunny day. It serves primarily to monitor the charge level of the built-in battery and receive information about errors that may occur during use. The steady light of the LED, which lights up with each puff, indicates the charge:

  • Green: Battery is 70 to 100% charged
  • Blue: 30 – 70%
  • Red: 0 – 30%


The cartridges that XPLLO can work with can be of two types; which is one of the key features of the device. The choice of flavors is quite good, there are as many as 12 mixes in the assortment; among which you can find both popular and simply irreplaceable. I got Peach Ice and Menthol:

Grape Ice – Grapes simply break the receptors with their naturalness. Sourness on the aftertaste – like after a real berry. A calm chill inclines the combination towards grape juice; but not the usual one from the store, but rather freshly squeezed with pieces of ice. Credits.

Menthol – How fresh! I confess that lately, I have lost the habit of such a dominant component of menthol. Chill literally flies into the lungs, cooling the larynx. Behind him is the taste of classic menthol sweets. The aroma does not hurt the throat. Cool, but it’s better to soar with hot tea or small puffs.

Pre-filled and empty cartridges are identical, but not the same; the main difference between pre-filled cartridges is the ability to adjust the MTL / DTL tightening. To change the severity of the tightening, it is enough to turn the cartridge 180 degrees. Before using the device, it is strongly recommended that you read the instructions; everything is clear and simply described in steps; a minimum level of knowledge of the language is required.


The ALD XPLLO device can be safely advised to anyone who wants to try a miniature POD system but is afraid of running into something too specific or dubious among the huge number of analogs. The device is thought out constructively and technically; not every analog can boast of such an interesting appearance and a list of features. Also, there are no questions about the taste transfer of cartridges; unfilled ones allow the user to enjoy their favorite liquids to the fullest; pre-filled cartridges will please with clarity and elaboration of aromas.

You can find out all the details and contact the manufacturer on the official website.


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