Amazfit GTS 4 Review: Mini But Fully Upgraded Smartwatch


Huami launched a new generation of Amazfit GTS 4 square smartwatch, which for the first time introduced “blood pressure screening research” in this series and supported automatic screening at night. In addition to being richer in health functions, GTS 4 is more comprehensive in part. The following are the specific parameters of Amazfit GTS 4:

Design & Screen

The front of the Amazfit GTS 4 is equipped with a 1.75-inch AMOLED square screen with a resolution of 390×450 and a PPI of 341. At the same time, this screen supports natural and vivid modes, and users can choose any display mode that suits them. Amazfit GTS 4 adopts an integrated design from the middle frame to the lugs, and the visual effect is cleaner.

The watch’s body is made of aerospace and aluminum alloy materials, which consider texture and lightness. The thinnest part of the body is only 9.9mm, and the weight is as light as 27g. Even girls wear it without feeling heavy. Consistent with the previous generation, the Amazfit GTS 4 watch uses a rotating digital crow. Still, the crown of this generation incorporates an amber-like design element, showing a gem-like luster while rotating.

The crown is made of stainless steel, and the surface is sandblasted, which improves the overall texture. The back of the watch is equipped with dual three-color lights, a  4-channel BioTracker 4.0 senso,r, and two magnetic charging ports. The version we received from Kuai Technology is a fluoro rubber strap with a width of 20mm, and the buckle adopts a classic pin buckle design, which is convenient to wear.

The strap adopts a quick-release design, and there are fluororubber and nylon strap materials for users to choose from. The Amazfit GTS 4hash a magnetic charger and an instruction manual inside the package.

New research on blood Pressure

Amazfit GTS 4 small square watch introduces the most important health function of the previous generation big brother GTR 3 Pro – blood pressure screening research, equipped with PumpBeats blood pressure monitoring engine. It cooperates with Peking University First Hospital to study the wrist intelligence Screening role of blood pressure watches for hypertension in the undiagnosed hypertensive population.

Before using the blood pressure monitoring function, blood pressure study screening must be added to the ZEEP APP. Next, we need to perform 3 data calibrations with the upper arm medical sphygmomanometer and manually input it into the APP. Then Amazfit GTS 4 will perform deep learning and automatic calibration for 30 seconds.

It should be noted here that the Amazfit GTS 4 needs to be calibrated at least every 28 days to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data.

After calibration is complete, we take measurements. After 30 seconds of size, diastolic and systolic blood pressure and the measured heart rate will be displayed on the watch. Judging from the measurement effect, the data given by the eye does not deviate much from the data measured by the professional blood pressure monitor.

Through the ZEEP APP, we can view the measurement results of blood pressure in real-time, visually display the data curve, and obtain the statistics of the highest and lowest values ​​of daily systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Amazfit GTS 4 supports automatic nighttime blood pressure screening. When the device detects that we are asleep, it will automatically measure blood pressure data every 5 minutes and draw the monitored data into a graph.

However, it should be noted that since the data measured by the watch is a blood pressure algorithm based on the wrist PPG signal, according to the blood volume change of the wrist microvessels, the blood pressure change during the measurement can be predicted by the difference between the measured and calibrated signal characteristics. The blood pressure screening research function is recommended to be used by the wearer and not shared with family members.

In addition, the blood pressure screening research application and the Amazfit GTS 4 smart watch are not medical device products. The blood pressure measurement and calibration provided are for blood pressure screening projects and are for reference only, not as a basis for medical diagnosis and treatment.


As a smartwatch, the three routine health monitoring must be indispensable. Amazfit GTS 4 supports all-weather heart rate, blood oxygen saturation,n, and pressure detection.

Thanks to the latest generation of Huami Technology’s self-developed BioTracker 4.0 PPG bio-tracking optical sensor, it adopts dual three-color lights and a 4-channel layout, which makes the data collection capability and accuracy of Amazfit GTS 4 compared to the previous generation. There is a substantial increase.

The first is heart rate monitoring. Amazfit GTS 4hash is a new BioTracker 4.0 bio-tracking optical sensor that supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring. The upgraded heart rate algorithm can capture more signals and make daily tracking more accurate.

Combined with the ZEEP APP, you can view the daily resting heart rate, average heart rate, maximum heart rate,e, and minimum heart rate. When the watch detects that the heart rate is too high or too low, the clock will automatically issue a reminder to warn the user that the heart rate fluctuation is abnormal.

Amazfit GTS 4 supports 24-hour intelligent automatic blood oxygen monitoring. Thanks to the addition of the BioTracker 4.0 sensor and the improvement of the algorithm, users can accurately understand their blood oxygen status at any time.

Blood oxygen saturation is an important physiological parameter of the respiratory cycle, representing blood’s ability to carry and transport oxygen. The normal blood oxygen saturation of the human body is above 95%. The higher the oxygen content in the blood, the better the metabolism of the human being.

Since the blood oxygen saturation of a person changes in real-time, the Amazfit GTS 4 watch will automatically judge the physical activity status every 5 minutes. It will automatically trigger the blood oxygen measurement when it recognizes that it is sitting still or in a calm state. This ensures all-weather intelligent monitoring of blood oxygen saturation.

Secondly, the watch will record the highest and lowest blood oxygen saturation values for the day and calculate the average value of the day. When the standard value is averaged, the watch will still vibrate,e and a good reminder to warn us to adjust our physical condition in time.

Amazfit GTR 4 also supports all-weather pressure monitoring. In the background, it can generate the day’s highest and lowest pressure values ​​and display the pressure analysis char in four different colors. When the pressure is high, it is clear at a glance and convenient for us to review in real time.

One key measurement

The one-button measurement function is also a unique feature of Huami watches. Amazfit GTS 4 supports five heart rate indicators, blood oxygen saturation, pressure, respiratory rate,e, and heart health status, with a one-button measurement. After 60 seconds of detection, multiple data are  In one hand.

Sleep Monitoring

Amazfit GTS 4 can monitor our sleep status 24/7; it can monitor deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement,t and awake periods, and it also provides sleep quality analysis.

At the same time, the watch will record the breathing rate when we sleep and intelligently judge the risk level of snoring.

The “custom personal sleep plan” function is a new function specially added for people working shifts. The sleep plan is based on a weekly cycle, and different sleep durations can be set daily, so the watch can automatically record the sleep monitoring status at regular intervals. The device is based on the planned period. Monitor your sleep.


Amazfit GTS 4 has a built-in ExerSense AI engine developed by Huami Technology, which can intelligently identify 8 sports modes such as indoor walking, outdoor running, and outdoor cycling.

The watch itself supports 150+ sports modes, adding sports scenes such as golf swings, gym strength training, and playground laps.

Amazfit GTS 4smartwatchh is the world’s first patented design of dual-frequency right-hand circularly polarized GPS antenna with a metal body. This design can receive signals without loss. It can provide powerful and accurate positioning when we are in the wild, forest, and other places. Reduce positioning drift.

The above is the outdoor walking test we conducted. The watch will monitor our exercise status in real-time, automatically turn on the built-in “walking” mode, and record our walking steps, distance, pace, and heart rate during exercise. Intervall and calories burned.

During walking, swipe the screen to the right to call up the music model and enjoy the rhythm brought by the music during the exercise. The watch has a built-in independent positioning system, supports six global satellite positioning systems, and adopts L1 + L5 dual-frequency GPS. The technology enables faster navigation and recording of outdoor trajectories and automatically generates motion trajectories after the exercise is completed.

In the ZEEP background, we can see the walking route displayed on the map and can check the average pace, average speed, number of steps, stride frequency, stride length, and altitude information during the walking process.

This is the data of our riding test. You can see the track, distance, duration,n, and pace of the ride on the watch. After the exercise, it will automatically generate a motion map of the movement trajectory.

In the ZEEP APP, you can see more abundant data. Cycling motion generates motion pictures on the map, which vividly show our cycling route. You can also see the pace, real-time heart rate,e, and altitude of our cycling process. Information.

Amazfit GTS 4 will give real-time voice reminders during the exercise when doing outdoor running and outdoor cycling. You can know the exercise duration, safe heart rate, distance, energy supply, drinking rate,r, and other sports that users care about without operating the watch. Dataa.


Amazfit GTS4 has added a morning quick report function. The watch will collect the previous day’s exercise data, sleep quality, the weather of the da,y, and the real-time power status of the eye and form a summary. After the wearer’s morning breath, a quick browsing window will pop up. After getting up every morning, help you to help you organize your daily routine and prepare for a new day.

Offline voice assistant

Amazfit GTR 4 has a built-in offline voice assistant. We can wake up by raising our wrist and directly say our needs to the watch, such as checking the weather, turning on the running mode, turning on the sleep mode, the alarm clock at 9 o’clock tomorrow, and so on.

With the offline voice assistant function, it will completely change the way the the smartwatch is controlled. Raise your wrist, and you can say it, which is convenient and fast.

Watch Face

Amazfit GTR 4 has a variety of built-in dials for users to download, including dynamic dials, free style mix and match, custom background dials, sports health, modern simplicity, classic collections, and other styles for users to choose from. There are 150+ dials and 10+ dynamic dials. Dial, you can always find a dial style that suits you.

Amazfit GTS4 is equipped with the latest Zepp OS 2.0 system version. The built-in application store provides multi-dimensional third-party practical gadgets such as entertainment, tools, and health, which is convenient and fast. Users can customize a personalized watch application based on the Zepp OS development platform to design a unique and exclusive watch face.

NFC and mobile payment

Amazfit GTS4 supports full-featured NFC, such as regular bus, subway cards,s and access control cards. Among them, the bus card supports more than 40 different regional bus cards, covering more than 300 cities. We can add the bus card in any town to the card package in the ZEEP APP. If you are a traveler or a business person, a watch can let you travel all over the city.

Secondly, Amazfit GTS4 also provides offline payment of WeChat and Alipay QR codes and a dual code display of barcodes, which can be quickly opened by swiping the screen to the right. With a dual-code show, entering and exiting major consumer places is easier, especially when not wearing a mobile phone.

Calls and music

In addition, thanks to the addition of independent speakers and microphones, the Amazfit GTS 4 also has the function of Bluetooth calling. In the phone interface of the watch, you can add frequently used contacts, have an independent dial button, make any call, and view past call records.

Of course, with independent speakers, music playback is naturally indispensable. We can upload our favorite music through the ZEEP APP and store it on the watch. During exercise, we can enjoy music to improve practice quality and make us happy.


Amazfit GTS 4 has a built-in 300mAh battery. According to official propaganda, daily use can reach 8 days. If you turn off unnecessary functions and use the smartwatch as a traditional watch, the battery life can take 30 days.

Therefore, when we turned on all-weather heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, pressure monitoring, and sleep monitoring, we also turned on the nighttime blood pressure screening function to test the watch’s battery life. We started using the battery at 100%, simulating the usage status of daily users. During this period, we recorded two 20-minute cycling and walking data for 40 minutes.

Counting from 19:30 on the same day, after 12 hours of testing, the time came to 7:30 the next day; the power consumption was 8%, and the remaining 91%. Continue to use it until 21:30 the next day, and the cumulative use time reaches 26 hours. At this time, the power consumption is 21% and the remaining 79%.

After another night of sleep, it came to 7:37 in the morning of the third day. At this time, the cumulative usage time reached nearly 36 hours; the power consumption was 29%, and the remaining 71%. According to such a power consumption rate, excluding sports records, the total use time can reach about 8 days.

Charging test

At 15:30, the battery remains 28%, and the charging test begins. After 10 minutes of charging, at 15:40, the power reached 45%, and the charge was 17%. After another 20 minutes of charging, at 15:50, the administration went 62%, and 34% of the force was charged.

After a 30-minute charging test, at 16:00, the watch’s power reached 79%, and 51% of the force was charged. The charging speed takes about 1 hour to charge from 0% to 100%, which is even faster than the official promotion.

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Amazfit GTS 4 has made a big breakthrough this time. As the latest GTS thin and light series member, it introduces blood pressure screening research. It is equipped with an independent speaker for the first time, an all-around upgrade compared with the previous generation and GTS 3.

1. Fashionable appearance

Amazfit GTS 4 continues the thin and stylish design concept and achieves a weight of only 27g based on a large 1.75-inch square screen. Thanks to the aerospace and aluminum alloy materials introduced by Huami, the thinnest part of the watch can reach 9.9mm. Such an exquisite square watch is also more in line with the aesthetics and needs of contemporary young people.

2. Comprehensive health management

Blood pressure screening research is a feature first launched by Amazfit GTR 3 Pro last year. This year, Huami decentralized technology and introduced blood pressure screening research in the GTS series for the first time to make our health management as comprehensive as possible. Although it cannot be regarded as a professional medical device, it can also provide a certain reference for users’ daily health monitoring, which is also very meaningful.

In addition, thanks to the new dual-three-color light 4-channel BioTracker 4.0 high-precision bio-tracking sensor, the data collection volume has increased significantly compared with the previous generation, and more abundant health data can also be displayed in the background. This also corresponds to Huami’s “Technology Connects Health” slogan to escort our health.

3. The positioning accuracy and motion mode have been upgraded again

In addition to supporting the six-star dual-frequency positioning system, Amazfit GTS 4 also adopts the world’s first metal body dual-frequency right-handed circularly polarized GPS antenna patented design, which makes the positioning and trajectory identification of outdoor sports accurate and fast. Real-time positioning is constantly flowing in the mountains or the intricate urban forests.

At the same time, in terms of exercise algorithm, the watch supports more sports modes, new strength training for the gym crowd, a new playground lap mode for runners who focus on training improvement, and a new speaker that can also broadcast sports data in real time. It is also a laudable feature to easily grasp sports information without operating the watch.

Amazfit GTS 4 is an ultra-thin, urban fashion smartwatch with more comprehensive health management and richer sports services. The exquisite dial supports a custom background, smooth UI, and multi-category APP. So that the look has higher scalability, and the use is no longer single.

As a sports smartwatch focusing on fashion and health, Amazfit GTS 4 smartwatch is not only suitable for young people who are pursuing trends but also suitable for people who have extreme requirements for health. Its price is only 1199 yuan, which is, in my mind, the most comprehensive sports health smartwatch in this price range.

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