Android 10 (Q): Fluency Leaked Out!


Both Android and iOS now add more elements to the iterative upgrade. Although Android 9.0 is already very good, according to the exposure news, Android 10.0, which has already begun to test, will be in system fluency and game experience. Greatly improved.

According to the relevant news, the new version of the system codenamed Android Q, which is Android10.0, has already started testing, including Google Pixel, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE have been involved in the test.

In contrast, the biggest change in Android 10.0 is that it will support the ANGLE engine. The full name of ANGLE is “Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine”, which can convert WebGL and OpenGL ES code into the underlying API supported by local hardware.

If Android Q joins ANGLE support, it will have a significant improvement in system fluency or game development or game fluency.

For a simple application example, ANGLE has long been built into the Chrome and Firefox browsers, and it’s behind all the graphical content you see on the Windows platform.

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According to the data, Google has supported the Vulkan API from Android N (Android 7.0) in 2016. There are already clues that the basic interface of Android Q is also built with this API. If there is ANGLE support, then it is smooth for the system. It is more convenient and simple to develop 2D/3D games.

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