Apple iOS 16.1 Beta 4 Released: iPhone 14 Pro Smart Island Changes Color


Early this morning, Apple pushed the iOS 16.1 developer preview Beta 4 update (build number: 20B5064c) to iPhone users, 7 days after the last release. The biggest change visible to the naked eye in this new version is the “change color” of the smart island.

Under the latest system, the Smart Island of the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max is more self-reliant, and Apple began to make it appear in the dark background. Under the black background with operations, a circle of gray lines appeared on the outside of the Smart Island, indicating its location of the Smart Island. status and scope. But the inexplicable circle of gray lines is very abrupt, and there is no improvement in experience.

However, there is also good news. At present, iOS 16.1 has been tested several times, and the entire user experience has been very perfect. Many problems reported by the first batch of users have also been improved. The official version should be released within a month.

The most important thing is that Apple has opened the Smart Island interface and design guidelines to the three parties. After the official version of iOS 16.1 is launched, a large number of apps will land on the island, such as mainstream WeChat, Douyin, Weibo, etc., which will be displayed at that time. A completely flexible island.

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At the same time, some developers should bring some fantastic ideas to provide more interesting gameplay for Smart Island, such as Smart Island games, pets, etc. previously displayed by overseas developers, which are worth looking forward to.

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