Apple Watch 7 Smartwatch Series Officially Released from $399


After the two iPad tablets, Apple’s third new product is the Apple Watch series 7 smartwatch, which has a larger screen for the first time in seven years. It also has supported for IP6X function and 18-hour battery, it will start at $399.

The most important thing is the exterior design. The bezel is only 1.7mm, 40% narrower than the previous generation. The display area is increased by 20%, while the brightness is improved by 70%.

With the increase of screen area, the UI and dial also change, and the text content is displayed 50% more than the previous generation.

What’s more, Apple is touting the Apple Watch 7 as the most durable Apple Watch ever. This time, it also supports the IP6X, the first of its kind, allowing you to go wherever you want in the wild.

The Apple Watch 7 will come in five different colors, including aluminum, stainless steel and titanium, as well as Nike and Hermes models for luxury.

In terms of battery life, Apple Watch 7 increases to 18 hours, while charging speed is 30% happy, USBC support.

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In terms of pricing, Apple Watch 7 Series starts at $399 and will be available in the fall, while the Apple Series 3 is down to $199 and the Apple Watch SE is down to $279.


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