Artillery Sidewinder-X2 3D Printer Offered at $278.9 [Flash Deal]


The Artillery Sidewinder-X2 3D Printer is an ultra-quiet direct extrusion FDM printer with an attractive appearance, a robust design, and a series of innovations that surpass the technical capabilities of other large-format 3D printers. Designed for low-cost home and industrial production, it’s perfect for beginners, hobbyists, and professionals looking for outstanding print quality at a great price.


Its external dimensions are 55 x 40.5 cm base x 87 cm high, including the filament spool, allowing it to fit in any workplace, whether at home easily, in the office, or the workshop. Artillery Sidewinder-X2  must be considered that a little more space will be needed on both sides to adjust the machine without moving it (at least 10 cm) and, in the same way, in the upper part to make any adjustments.


It is, therefore, a good choice for new users who want to try their hand at 3D printing, but at the same time, Artillery Sidewinder-X2 is obvious for more advanced users who want to be able to modify 3D printers with their ideas. Patented technology with V-slot aluminum profiles and nylon-coated ball bearings ensures high precision and accuracy while making the printer work effortlessly and achieve higher-quality prints. The same structure is known from large CNC machines, which are thoroughly tested, stable and reliable. The printer has a simple design; it is easy to troubleshoot and repair if something breaks.

The Artillery Sidewinder X2 is, without comparison, the best-built printer for the price. You can immediately tell this is a 3D printer where things have been thought through, and nothing is accidental. It comes largely assembled and takes approx—15 min to complete.

A belt on the Z axes locks them together so that they always run synchronously, and the touch screen makes it easy and simple to find your way around the setup. Marlin 1.1.9 means that you have cool features such as thermal runaway, which shuts down the Artillery Sidewinder-X2 if the heater should overheat. At the same time, a resume function makes it possible to continue your print where you left off if, for example, the power has been gone. There are also functions to pause one’s print and load/unload filament, which makes it easy to switch between filaments.

Where To Buy

Artillery Sidewinder-X2 3D Printer is now available on Newegg For Just $278.99 on flash sale till 11/31/2022 23:59 PMPDT.

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