ATOMSTACK A5 Pro+ Laser Engraver Offered for €185.99


Currently on Cafago, the ATOMSTACK A5 Pro+ laser engraving machine is available for a coupon price of € 185.99 which is about 68% Off the normal price tag. All interested buyers are to embed the coupon code: TCOS5954 at the time of purchase to get this engraver for this discount price while the offer last.

ATOMSTACK A5 Pro+ features a newly upgraded ultra-fine compression laser which helps to facilitate the performance of this engraver. In addition, the laser also carries a focus technology and four ( 4 ) fold lens group collimation. As a high density laser, the ATOMSTACK A5 Pro+ engraver can easily cut through 15mm thick wooden boards, 12mm black acrylic, and can obviously engrave ceramics and mirror stainless steel metals.

So far, the opticat power of this engraver is 5.5W to 6W, and the laser focus arear is greatly reduced to 0.02mm². As a powerful engraving machine to purchase, the ATOMSTACK A5 Pro+ can engrave large areas of metal and wood depending on your task. Its engraving effects are improved and the metal engraving speed is boosted to up to 200%.

In terms of design, the ATOMSTACK A5 Pro+ adopts a modular design that allows users to easily upgrade or replace the parts to acheive more functions. There is a spiral button embedded on this engraver to conviniently adjust the height of this engraver. Compatible operating software includes;  LaserGRBL, LightBurn, and it supports Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, XP, Win 10, and Win 11 system.


Where To Buy:

The ATOMSTACK A5 Pro+ Engraver is currently available for a coupon price of € 185.99. Add the coupon code: TCOS5954 at the time of purchase.


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