Autel EVO II 8K ADVANCED UAV Released: ​​First to Shoot 8K Ultra HD Images


Daotong Intelligent Company from Shenzhen launched the first EVO II 8K ADVANCED drone equipped with an 8K lens. EVO II 8K ADVANCED was first unveiled at this year’s CES exhibition, and this time it was officially released in China. In terms of hardware parameters, the EVO II 8K ADVANCED is basically in the same echelon of the DJI “Royal” 2 series.

The first EVO II 8K ADVANCED drone equipped with an 8K lens

The first 8K drone strikes

EVO II 8K ADVANCED is equipped with 1/1.4-inch CMOS, the highest image resolution is up to 7680*4320, and can shoot 8K ultra-high-definition images. The Sony Sensor produces 48-megapixel photos directly without multiple syntheses. There is also an 8K motion delay function without post-compositing, which can record JPEG and RAW format photos at the same time. Its lens has the ability to shoot “super night scene” and supports 256 times analog gain. In addition, EVO II 8K ADVANCED supports four times lossless zoom.


In addition, the EVO II 8K ADVANCED continues the modular gimbal design of the EVO II series. Users can replace the gimbal and camera as needed.

EVO II ADVANCED supports 4K HDR video, 16EV exposure control, has a larger dynamic range, combines long, medium, and short exposures in a single frame, and supports the new 10-bit A-log color mode.

The body is fairly portable

Although the hardware parameters are very powerful, the body of the EVO II 8K ADVANCED is still very portable. According to the official introduction, the EVO II ADVANCED weighs 1.13 kg, and the folded size is 228*133*110 mm, which can be easily fitted into a backpack. In addition, there are 40 minutes of long battery life and 9 kilometers of long-distance video transmission, and the wind resistance has reached level 8.

The six-way binocular obstacle avoidance system

In terms of safety, the fuselage of EVO II 8K ADVANCED is equipped with a six-direction binocular obstacle avoidance system, 12 vision sensors, and 19 groups of sensors such as the main camera, ultrasound, and IMU. It can construct a three-dimensional map in real-time and plan the best flight path. Realize obstacle avoidance from multiple angles. At the same time, the EVO II ADVANCED is equipped with an LED fill light for the bottom view, which allows you to fly with confidence in a low light environment, and is equipped with an intelligent return home function.

It is worth mentioning that EVO II 8K ADVANCED adopts a new generation of AI deep learning algorithms, which can recognize 64 objects at the same time, making obstacle avoidance more intelligent. In addition, EVO II ADVANCED also has smart functions such as pointing flight, circling flight, terrain following, etc., which are commonly used in drones.

The price of EVO II 8K ADVANCED has not yet been announced at the press conference.
Two new industry products

In addition to the first 8K UAV, DTO Intelligent also released two industry-oriented Dragon Fish industry UAVs and a portable folding industry series UAV with RTK module-EVO II RTK series.

Dragon Fish Industry Drone

The Dragon Fish industry drone adopts an independent tilting wingtip design, and the whole machine adopts a quick-release and efficient aerodynamic design. Arowana takes up to 120 minutes to fly, and the image transmission distance can reach up to 30KM, which can realize ultra-long-distance operations; it has a series of intelligent functions such as one-button take-off and landing, AI intelligent tracking, intelligent pointing flight, etc., and can be equipped with dual-light Cameras, three-light cameras, multi-spectral cameras, and other different mounts, with 4K ultra-high-definition 240 times hybrid optical zoom, ultra-far infrared detection, and other shooting. This drone is suitable for many fields such as police law enforcement, forest fire-prevention, and agricultural monitoring.

Autonomous tilting wingtip design

EVO II RTK series drones are portable and foldable drones for industrial applications with RTK modules. The biggest feature of this unmanned home is that it is equipped with a high-precision RTK positioning system. According to the official introduction, it can achieve centimeter-level positioning. In addition, the lightweight foldable body design is also more convenient to carry out.

More suitable for carrying out

EVO II RTK series drones are divided into different gimbal camera models according to the needs of users in different industries-EVO II RTK version, with 8K resolution ultra-high-definition zoom lens, and 8x zoom shooting capability; EVO II PRO RTK version, With a one-inch CMOS blessed 6K resolution ultra-high-definition lens; EVO II Dual 640 T RTK version in addition to the 8K 8x zoom lens, also has an ultra-long-distance infrared thermal imaging camera, which can accurately detect 2-15 meters of visual range The heat source.

EVO II RTK series drone

The EVO II RTK series drones also have features such as omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, 36-minute long-term flight, and extremely fast focusing.

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The drone market has always been dominated by DJI, especially in the human-machine market. Today, several new drones from Dautong Intelligent Company can be regarded as having the strength to break the wrist with DJI on paper.

Especially today’s protagonist EVO II 8K ADVANCED can shoot 8K video, which can be regarded as a position ahead of DJI. After all, as the 8K technology matures, 8K will gradually occupy the market in the next 2 to 3 years. However, the price of this product on site has not been announced, and the performance and stability of the product need to be tested in detail.


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